Caterpillar sting leaves young boy in pain

Published: Sep. 8, 2021 at 6:41 PM EDT
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BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (WXIX) - A young boy had an unfortunate run-in with a black-waved flannel moth caterpillar recently when he took a walk through the woods.

Three-year-old Archer brushed up against a plant and the caterpillar latched on to his leg, his mother says.

“When they kind of got back on the path,” recalled Kristin Klock, Archer’s mom. “Archer, my 3-year-old, kind of screamed. He saw the Caterpillar on his leg.”

Despite brushing the bug aside, the black-waved flannel moth caterpillar had already stung the young boy.

“Five minutes, later he just started screaming and they could not figure out what happened,” said Klock. “Where the caterpillar was there were these three spots on his knee, and it was just kind of red and swollen.”

Mount St. Joseph University Professor Dr. Gene Kritsky says the black-waved flannel moth caterpillar is common but not to the point where someone is likely to always see one outside.

“They have these hairs, which are like little harpoons, they’re hollow and if you should brush against them, these hairs embed in your skin and cause excruciating pain,” explained Kritsky.

Thankfully, Archer is now doing okay.

“He just has these little red marks that are kind of in little patches on his knee, but no swelling, he’s good,” said Klock.

Dr. Kritsky says if you are stung by a black-waved flannel moth caterpillar, get some scotch tape or duct tape and put it over the sting, then lift it off and hopefully, the hairs will come up.

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