Cincinnati organization looking for partners to help relocate at-risk youth

Cincinnati organization looking for partners to help relocate at-risk youth
Published: Jul. 14, 2022 at 5:46 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI (WXIX) - NewPath Child & Family Solutions (formerly St. Joseph Orphanage) is seeking a partnering apartment complex and financial investments by this November to relocate at-risk youth participating in their Independent Living Services (ILS) Program.

The enrolled teens and young adult residents work toward becoming self-sufficient adults by developing life skills and learning to live independently. Without this program, local youth would not have the support needed to do so by their 18th birthday.

NewPath’s team assists youth with accessing medical care, teaching them how to navigate public transit and maintain their apartment.

Through the ILS Program, young adults connect to community resources and social or recreational activities and receive education and support for job interviews and related skills.

The program also teaches lifelong finance skills such as budgeting and accruing savings and checking accounts. Young adults are enrolled in education and employment opportunities and connected with resources to transition to appropriate community housing.

Additional skills learned are problem-solving, communication, adaptability, and skills for reliability.

Esther Urick, NewPath Senior Director of Services, stated, “Historically, care was only provided for youth up to age 18 from various circumstances and backgrounds. For teens in care to experience an abrupt termination of services at age 18 and suddenly shift from a dependent to an independent status overnight is frightening. They are not prepared to take care of themselves and are basically homeless. They are forced into the adult world with few coping skills, no community support, and no means of financial support; ill-equipped to cope with their newfound independence responsibly. The Independent Living Program is designed to create a placement for youth who have a desire to become self-sufficient adults.”

Many of the youth served in the ILS Program are identified as at-risk youth in Ohio foster care or learning to be independent by working with resources focused on overcoming mental health stigmas.

Several young adults reported they could have been homeless or headed down a self-destructive path if not for NewPath’s program.

NewPath partnered with the current apartment building over 11 years ago. Over the past decade, they have acquired 24 units to house youth while they progress through the program safely.

The ILS youth’s current housing is set for renovation this November.

NewPath is looking for available accommodations to relocate at-risk young adults and teens, continuing their work of protecting them from homelessness.

John Parran, NewPath Chief Operating Officer, said, “First and foremost, these at-risk young adults would face the genuine possibility of homelessness, as we are all aware of the intense struggles of finding affordable housing. In addition, they would not receive the host of support services we provide, ultimately detrimental to their long-term health and success.”

The ILS Program changes the trajectory of those in the program to have better outcomes for the future.

NewPath directly impacts lower rates of incarceration and homelessness and has decreased the risk of youth suicide.

Teens in the program went on to complete their high school education, obtain their driver’s license, continue further education, and meet or exceed their future planning goals.

Additionally, NewPath has seen individuals completely turn their lives around during and especially after completing the ILS Program. At-risk youth have gone to college, joined the military, and successfully transitioned into the community.

Tricia Mullins, NewPath Chief Impact Officer, shared, “We recently heard a story from a young man sharing his success thanks to our Independent Living Services. He heavily relied on these apartments during his young adult life and is now graduating from Wright State with a Computer Science Degree and working a full-time internship.”

NewPath needs help identifying living supports for 24+ program youth to ensure they can have brighter futures and avoid homelessness.

The necessary residencies could be several scattered sites engaged in short or long-term leasing agreements or an outright building open for purchase. NewPath asks the community to spread the word, advocate for local youth, and share any available housing opportunities.

If you would like to provide NewPath Child & Family Solutions with information on available housing or learn more about how you can help, don’t hesitate to contact or call 855-577-PATH (7284).

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