5 most interesting things Joe Burrow said in Cowherd interview

Burrow talks about why Bengals are perfect match for him, why he’s ‘an Ohio guy,’ and more
Burrow speaks to media for first time since surgery
Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 5:18 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI (Enquirer) - Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow spoke at length about a number of topics during his appearance earlier this week on “The Colin Cowherd Podcast.”

Some of the most interesting things Burrow had to say, per our media partners at the Enquirer, included the following:

Burrow had planned on playing in the preseason.

“I would’ve liked to have played some this year. That was my plan going in. We had discussed that with our coaching staff at camp. I had the surgery the day before camp started. And so we just didn’t have the opportunity. But that was going to be a request of mine - I’d like to play at least a series. Just get the feeling of live bullets. Get out there with the guys. Feel the communication in a game setting. And I think that’s pretty underrated. So next year, I would like to (play in the preseason). But we’ll see. It’s a head-coaching decision.”

Cowherd assumed Burrow initiated and persuaded the Bengals to draft Ja’Marr Chase. Burrow said that wasn’t the case.

“So I didn’t go up there and do it. I think what made me feel great was they came to me and asked me. I think as a quarterback - as somebody that has felt like they’ve earned respect in the league - when all we want to feel is to feel included in decisions whether we are or we aren’t. They just kept me in the loop. They asked me my opinion on Ja’Marr. And I said, ‘I mean, he’s a home run.’ He just makes the game look easy. There’s not a lot of people like him. The way he catches the ball, runs routes, makes people miss when he gets the ball, shrugs defenders off. I mean he’s really just incredible. He played 95 snaps on Sunday. That’s not normal. … He’s a really smart, cerebral football player that just goes hard.”

Burrow thinks his connection with Chase is “rare.”

“He was the first person that I threw with when I got to LSU. I didn’t know anybody. … I’d be lying if I said I knew that he was gonna become exactly what he is now. But we kinda grew up as football players together. He didn’t play a lot his freshman year. But I saw the talent. And he caught my first touchdown pass at LSU. And like I said we just grew up as football players together at the college level and then the same thing at the NFL level. So we have this rare connection and unspoken understanding of routes. And when we get to the line of scrimmage, it could just be a look that he knows what I want and I know what he wants. And I think that’s rare.”

‘I’m an Ohio guy.’

“I think I’m uniquely positioned to have success in Cincinnati because I’m from Ohio. I understand the people of Ohio. So I have this connection to the fan base that I don’t think a lot of other quarterbacks across the league have. I understand them. They understand me. It’s just something about growing up in the same area of the country that unites people from that area. Everybody feels it where they’re from. When they get back to their hometown, it feels different than when they go to New York or L.A. I understand these people and they understand me. And I think that has kind of drawn them to me and drawn me to them. And it’s really been a perfect match. It’s nothing easy in Ohio. You grow up tough. Adversity. You gotta push through it. And people that come out on top are great people. You ever come to Ohio, it’s gonna be the best service at every restaurant. Everyone’s gonna be very nice. You’re gonna have people offering you rides. And hey do you need this? You need this? You need this? That’s what I love about it. I stay here in the offseason just because I’m an Ohio guy. I love the people, love the place. It’s been great.”

Burrow was happy for Matthew Stafford.

“I don’t think Matthew Stafford gets enough credit. I don’t think Kirk Cousins gets enough credit for how well they’ve played for so long. Quarterbacks like that in certain markets that maybe didn’t have the team success for a long time, didn’t get the playoff wins but, you know, they were really, really good for a long time and have played well, made a lot of money. If I was to lose a Super Bowl to somebody, I’m glad it was Matthew Stafford just because of what he’s gone through in the league. You know, he was in Detroit. No playoff wins. He was really good for a long time - had a lot of good teams but just couldn’t quite get over that hump. And, you know, what he did with L.A. last year, I was happy to watch that.”

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