Streetsboro officer arrests DoorDash driver then delivers his orders

Published: Oct. 13, 2022 at 10:27 PM EDT
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STREETSBORO, Ohio (WOIO) - A Streetsboro family said they were getting pretty hangry waiting for their food to come, and they got the shock of a lifetime when an officer showed up at their door with their dinner.

“Our youngest was at soccer and I coach our other sons’ football team, so we just got done with the games, so we didn’t have time to get dinner,” said Kevin Csorba.

“We ordered it and then she was like babe I’m getting hangry like where is our food it was supposed to be here like 20 minutes ago so I checked and I’m like oh it’s driving up 14 you know it should be here soon and we were waiting and waiting,” said Ashley Csorba.

Ashley said her instructions to the DoorDash driver are to not ring the doorbell and just leave the food on our porch.

“Then all of the sudden we had a knock at the door, and I was like what is going on so I went and I checked and it was the police officer and I was nervous at first like something was wrong,” Ashley said.

Kevin Csorba said he was starving and he’s so grateful the officer delivered his dinner.

“Usually we wait for the door dash driver to leave and I’m sure it’s like everybody else in the country I go to the door in my underwear so I’m standing behind the door in my underwear and there’s a police officer out here and I’m like, I’m looking at her she’s on the one side of the door and I’m like what’s going on and she tells me what happened,” Kevin said. “It was just really cool.”

Officer Matthew Colvin said earlier that night he pulled over a DoorDash driver because he had a felony warrant with the portage county sheriff’s office and his license was suspended.

“My fiancée and I, we order DoorDash, get deliveries,” explained Officer Colvin. “It’s never fun when they’re late or don’t come so it just seemed like the good thing to do.”

“It was nice to see the humanity in the police because it’s something simple so simple, but it got him fed for the day and we were very appreciative of it we definitely didn’t expect it.”

The Csorba’s order wasn’t the only one the officer helped with he delivered another family’s food too. Ashley said since she couldn’t tip him on the app, she decided to send an edible arrangement basket to the police department.