Caught on cam: Middletown father defends nursing wife from home invader

The family says they’re fed up and are looking to move.
Ring doorbell camera captures man walking into Middletown home
Published: Mar. 2, 2023 at 5:47 PM EST
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CINCINNATI (WXIX) - A couple is at their breaking point after a string of criminal acts at their Middletown home.

The latest incident happened Sunday night when they say they had to force an uninvited guest out of their house after he barged in.

Kevin and Courtney Seibert, parents of two children including a newborn, were at home when the man rang their doorbell. They say he walked in before they could even answer.

“My husband was bringing groceries up from the car,” Courtney said. “Usually, we have our front door locked.”

Courtney says she was breastfeeding the couple’s newborn baby upstairs and didn’t hear anything—but her husband did. She says he heard the man close the door and begin upstairs. That’s where Kevin met him.

“He had to yell at him to get out of the house,” Courtney said. “At first, he wouldn’t leave. My husband had to yell at him multiple times.”

Kevin says he jumped up and blocked the stairs, “I pretty much looked at him and told him to get the f*** out.”

He adds if the man hadn’t left right then and there, the situation would have gotten “a lot worse.” But the man backed out of the house, Kevin says.

“Pure rage,” he recalled of his emotions. “I’m ex-military, so when I see someone coming into my house, it’s flight or fight. It’s always fight. I’ve got two kids and a wife upstairs. I would have put him through a wall.”

The Seiberts say the man got away before police arrived. They’ve heard from neighbors that he’s a homeless man known to do this sort of thing.

It’s not the first incident they’ve encountered since moving to Middletown less than a year ago.

“Nothing but problems,” Kevin said. “Not even two weeks after we moved in, somebody broke into our car and stole my kid’s diaper bag and random toys out of the car. Three times now, somebody has broke into our home. Only one time do we have it on video.”

The Seiberts are saving up to move out of their home in a few months.

“That was just what made us want to leave,” Courtney said. “Thankfully, it made me feel a little better that my husband is a disabled veteran, so I feel like he knows how to handle that situation. It’s still scary. None the least, I have two kids I have to worry about.”

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