People at CC’s Kitchen react to passing of bill that would limit drag shows

CC's Kitchen General Manager and a visitor weigh in on Senate Bill 115 getting passed by the...
CC's Kitchen General Manager and a visitor weigh in on Senate Bill 115 getting passed by the Kentucky Senate.(WAVE)
Published: Mar. 12, 2023 at 11:19 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - This week the Kentucky Senate passed Senate Bill 115.

The bill would ban “sexually explicit adult performances” from taking place in “publicly-owned properties or anywhere minors are present.”

It would also leave a few of Louisville’s most well-known drag brunches to make major changes to their performances.

Senate Bill 115 is one step closer to being put into law as lawmakers said it will protect the purity of children.

A move that could have huge implications on businesses like CC’s Kitchen at the Marketplace.

According to several rankings, Louisville is home to three of the best drag performances in the country.

One of them is CC’s Kitchen at the Marketplace. A show visitors have said is a warm experience.

“I really appreciate how they include everyone. No matter race, gender, orientation, whatever they welcome everyone,” Lacy Rhoton said. “It’s a very welcoming environment to be for everyone.”

The bill would ban sexually explicit adult performances from publicly owned spaces and places where minors can be found, CC’s Kitchen included.

It would also charge performers with a misdemeanor for their first two offenses and a class D felony for the third.

A classification CC’s general manager doesn’t understand.

“I’m really struggling to wrap my head around how me being in make-up and in this giant wig and in this black shiny cover-up puts me in the same category as an adult performer or someone that is classified as an adult business,” CC’s Kitchen General Manager CC said.

Supporters of the bill said drag performances could groom kids to question their sexuality.

CC said their shows don’t appeal to kids at all and that it’s offensive to assume so.

“As a sexual abuse survivor I have real strong views on what sexual abuse looks like, what sexual assault looks like and what grooming is,” CC said. “And I can tell everybody that is not what we are doing.”

CC said they are creating a safe place for everyone but now they have to make major adjustments if the bill becomes law.

“It is demoralizing,” CC said. “We have to wall off our dining room and black out our windows all while making sure people like me, standing here in all of this, I can’t have a child see me.”

For those of age who haven’t seen a drag show, those who have encourage you to give it a shot.

“This is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons, open up and give it a try,” Rhoton said. “I mean, if you decide that you don’t like it you could always leave. But it is an amazing place and I have a feeling for anyone who wants to try it will enjoy it and have a great time.”

The bill still has to go through the house and get signed by Governor Andy Beshear to become law.