Butler County woman wants dog that killed hers ‘put down’

The 7-year-old terrier pushed a fence gate open and was attacked by another dog, the family says.
Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 9:47 PM EDT
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HAMILTON, Ohio (WXIX) - A family says their beloved dog was mauled to death earlier this week by another, much larger dog in an alley.

Joann Bowling says her 7-year-old dog, Faith, was in the backyard of the family’s home on Cereal Avenue last Sunday when she hopped the fence and pushed the gate open. Two young girls were walking the larger dog down an alley. The larger dog attacked Faith, killing her.

Joann says the family tried to stop the attack.

“My grandson even took a hammer to the dog. It still would not let loose, would not let go no matter what we did,” Joann said. “My little dog only weighed like fifteen pounds, twenty at the most. It was just awful to watch.”

Joann’s granddaughter, Miranda Moreland says they tried to get Faith to the vet as fast as they could to save her, but the injuries were too severe.

Faith was a mixed terrier. Moreland bought her for Joann last year as a Mother’s Day gift. Joann recalls the pup as sweet, smart and full of life.

“She was the best little thing there ever was,” Joann said. “She slept with me in the bed. If I went outside, she went outside. Everywhere I went, that’s where she went. She stayed right with me. She clung to me.”

Joann says she can’t sleep at night and wants the other dog’s owner to come forward.

“it’s not their fault,” she said of the girls walking the dog. “It’s their parents who should be responsible and not allow their children to walk something that is stronger than they are.”

Joann wants the other dog euthanized.

“Put it down, is what I want, so this doesn’t happen again,” she said. “It’s a vicious animal.”

Police have told the family that their hands are tied without information to identify the dog or its owners.

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