Tri-State woman helps others reach their full potential, maintain mental & physical health

Published: Mar. 30, 2023 at 3:12 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI (WXIX) - A Tri-State woman is helping others reach their full potential by teaching them how to maintain their best mental and physical health.

“If there’s something you want to bring into your life today, please take time to invite it,” says Lindsey Bonadonna.

It’s that mindset that Bonadonna keeps and welcomes into each of her Breath @ Be yoga classes at Kindred Flow.

Along the way, she teaches others to be more conscious of their mind and body.

“I am a really, really big believer that our health and wellness has so much more to do than what we eat and what we drink,” says Bonadonna.

Along with teaching fitness and strength, Bonadonna also helps her clients work through struggles in their careers, relationships, spirituality and home life.

“Typically, when clients find their way to me, they are at a place where they are questioning,” explains Bonadonna. “They are like, ‘is this all that there is,’ and a lot of time it has to do with careers they’ve been in forever. Sometimes, it’s also, ‘I want to lose weight or whatever,’ and when we start working. It’s like unpeeling the onion of all these things. And through that process, the most beautiful things unravel for them and just kind of bloom and blossom.”

Bonadonna says she had a similar awakening after she was working in marketing and sales in the craft beer industry. She says long work days caused her to neglect her health, sending her to the emergency room.

“So, I had a health crisis in 2018,” Bonadonna recalls. “I was working a ton of hours, I was super stressed out. I have two daughters at home as well. The relationship I was in at the time was not doing really well so. And I ignored the 50 million red flags that my body was like hey. You might want to slow down here and then one day, like so many of us experience. My body was like well, you didn’t listen, so now I’m going to force you to slow down.”

Bonadonna says she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which forced her to change her diet and lifestyle.

She quit her job and ultimately started her own business, Kale and Cake Wellness, where she became a yoga instructor and a life and wellness coach.

She also has plans in the works to open a smoothie bar and cafe in Wyoming.

”My proudest moment is definitely choosing to take this step with B [Breath @ Be] and committed to doing it in a way that is led by intuition, my gut kind of going against the grain doing what feels most authentic to me and doing it in a way that honors my family, my girls.”

The smoothie cafe Nourish at B is expected to open sometime this summer.

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