All Hallows’ Eve Terror Town spooks Tri-State for 5th season

Published: Oct. 4, 2023 at 1:53 PM EDT
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CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WXIX) - It’s that time again when all things haunted are celebrated.

All Hallows’ Eve Terror Town in Williamsburg has shocked, scared, and entertained guests for five spooky seasons.

“We came from basically the field of emptiness to the field of dreams... or nightmares, rather... so we’ve been building nonstop for the last five years,” explained James Gregory, CMO and CEO of Terror Town.

Set in the 19th century, the immersive town offers a themed haunted trail experience, live music, tarot card readings, interactive horror games, and an outdoor theater.

“The nice thing about Terror Town is that there is a spectrum of ways to actually visit, so you can come in with a town pass, and just explore the town, go to the shops, go to the restaurants, there are shows that happen in town,” Gregory adds.

Trail-goers will notice plenty of authentic props that add to the experience.

Additionally, some of the props are available as souvenirs.

“One of the things that’s nice about us that I think separates us from other people is that it’s kind of an environmental design, so if you’re out on the trail and see something that you really want, like this body behind us, you can go to the black market, pick it up and we can have it ready to pick up or you can take it with you,” Gregory says.

Gregory adds that if you’re looking for something more intense, Terror Town has that too.

“You can upgrade,” he says. “The options are two - the red bracelet or the gold bracelet. The gold bracelet is, you’re going to come out of this place very muddy, very [fake] bloody, but they won’t physically touch you....the red bracelet is - hold onto your boots!”

Those kinds of experiences include getting buried alive, facing trial as a witch, or getting dragged away from the trail, he says.

Whether you’re a trail spectator or ready for the red bracelet experience, Gregory suggests these tips before you arrive in Terror Town:

“Number one, always bring extra clothes,” he says. “Always wear shoes that you don’t care, about it doesn’t matter whether you plan on upgrading to another experience. It’s an outdoor environment, so naturally, you’re going to get a little muddy regardless. The other thing is, read the waiver, the waiver is so important, if you’re wearing the red bracelet and it gets too extreme for you, take the red bracelet off, stick it in your pocket and the actor will leave you alone, same for the gold.”

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