Kentucky audit shows unemployment employees accessed own claims

The audit also revealed 37 state employees filed for jobless benefits for “loss of a part-time job” despite being full-time employees of the commonwealth.

In-person unemployment appointments coming to Northern Kentucky

  Text messages show Kentuckians with access to public figures got special attention on unemployment claims

  Ohio’s new unemployment claims dropping, fewer cases of fraud

  Director of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is resigning

  New jobless claims mean new cases of unemployment fraud

  Kentucky unemployment website suffers possible cyberattack

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  New team assembled to help with Ohio’s unemployment issues

State borrowing private company leaders to help with system

  Ohio paid $330M in fraudulent unemployment claims in December

ODJFS Director Kimberely Henderson said approximately 100,000 fraudulent PUA claims in December were stopped.

  Ohio’s unemployment fraud becoming national problem

The cases of fraud filtering through Ohio’s unemployment office are spreading like wildfire.

Get an Ohio 1099-G tax form but didn’t apply for unemployment? Here’s what to do

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services lists three steps to help those who suspect they might be victims of identity theft.

  Kentucky man baffled after receiving Ohio unemployment tax documents

Ohio AG asks Congress to shield unemployment fraud victims from getting taxed

  Unemployment identity theft claims thousands of victims in Ohio, agency head says

  Ohio borrowing nearly $7M per day on average to pay unemployment benefits

Ohio may have paid out more than 100K fraudulent unemployment claims

  6 months, still no unemployment benefits for Tri-State woman

Around 270K Ohio unemployment claims put on temporary fraud alert hold

Thee claims were put on hold after ODJFS says patterns of suspicious behavior were discovered

  Tri-State woman ordered to pay back thousands in unemployment benefits

For 15 weeks she received unemployment benefits from the state. Then she got a letter, without explanation, saying she owed it all back.

  Ohio now borrowing money to meet unemployment obligation, DeWine says

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced June 16 is the first day that the state has had to borrow money to meet its unemployment obligation.

  Call wait times drop, thousands of unemployment claims from March still not processed

The average time people are waiting on the phone to reach a call center worker is 24 minutes. On May 28th, it was 48 minutes.

  What’s wrong with Ohio’s unemployment system?

Nearly 90,000 of the 1.2 million Ohio jobless claims have yet to be processed

  Bill Seitz: We tried, but no political will to fix shortfalls in unemployment insurance fund

There is an impending $3.1 billion shortfall in its unemployment insurance trust fund

  Ohio asks federal government for $3.1 billion for unemployment insurance fund

The state has already paid out over $1.5 billion in unemployment insurance claims to Ohioans.

  Unemployment snag sends Cincy man on 5-week search for solution — without success

If there is an unemployment agent qualified to resolve Wilbur Bobo's issue, he hasn't found them.

  Ohio jobless claims hit all-time record of nearly 500K

The number of initial jobless claims filed in Ohio over the last two weeks stands at 468,414.