Skylar Richardson Trial

  Judge: Richardson showed a ‘grotesque disregard for life,’ sentenced her to 7 days already served

She was found not guilty on the more serious charges of aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter, and child endangering.

  Richardson’s dad testifies biggest regret in life is ‘not having an attorney for the 2nd interrogation’

  ‘I tried to cremate my baby’: 2nd police interrogation video played in Skylar Richardson trial

  Skylar Richardson trial: What you need to know from Week 1

  ‘All evidence points to homicide’: Doctor testifies on baby’s death in Skylar Richardson trial

  ‘I never meant to kill my baby, I never did it on purpose:’ Jury hears Richardson’s interrogation tapes

  OBGYN says Skylar Richardson told her ‘I had it alone in my house and I buried it in my backyard'

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  Jury seated in Skylar Richardson murder trial

  Trial of woman accused of killing newborn to begin Tuesday