Pike County Massacre

Wagner mother appears in court for pre-trial hearing in Rhoden family massacre

Youngest Wagner family member charged with murder in Pike County massacre appears in court

  Wagner patriarch in court on ‘Pike County massacre’ charges

  ‘It’s not a good, Christian thing to lie’ Pike County grandmother enters plea deal

  Trial continued for Pike County grandmother accused of covering up Rhoden family murders

Judge denies state’s motion to delay Rita Newcomb trial

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Report: ‘They really don’t bother me,’ Fredericka Wagner says of BCI agents in new interview

  Search warrant being executed in Rhoden family murder case, BCI says

New trial date set for grandmother facing charges in Pike County massacre

Youngest Wagner in Pike County Massacre appears in court

  Trial for grandmother facing charges in Pike County massacre pushed back

Wagner brother in court for motions hearing in Pike County massacre

Youngest Wagner waives right to speedy trial, Wagner patriarch also in court

Both appeared for motion hearings.

  Judge expands court order for Pike Co. grandmother to have no contact with daughter

Rita Newcomb is charged with obstruction of justice, perjury, and three counts of forgery.

  Pike Co. grandmother still facing obstruction, perjury charges may have bond revoked

Rita Newcomb is charged with obstruction of justice, perjury, and three counts of forgery.

  ‘Great deal of’ evidence pushes back trial date for oldest Wagner brother

The special state prosecutor gave the defense team two terabytes of information.

  Pike Co. judge sets evidence deadline in case against Wagner mother

  Wagner family matriarch claims innocence as case is dismissed

  Pike County Massacre: Grandmother trial postponed

  First trial date set for Wagners facing murder charges in Pike Co. massacre

  Jake Wagner’s last pre-trial hearing date set

Final court appearance for Wagner grandmother before trial continued

  Wagner patriarch makes court appearance in Pike County massacre case

George “Billy” Wagner III is one of four of his family members charged in the Rhoden family murders from April 2016.

  Wagner son who fathered daughter with slain-Rhoden teen appears in court

Wagner is a key part of the case, according to prosecutors.

  Pike County Massacre: 3 years later

It’s been thee years since eight members of the Rhoden family were found dead. Members of the Wagner family have all been charged.

  Wagner son charged in the murder of the mother of his child waived speedy trial

The final member of the Wagner family facing charges in the 2016 Pike County massacre waived his right to a speedy trial in court on Thursday.

  Wagner patriarch makes quick court appearance

The fifth member of a family all connected to the Pike County massacre is scheduled to appear in court Friday afternoon.

  No charges dismissed, trials now set for Pike County grandmothers charged in massacre cover-up

Fredericka Wagner and Rita Newcomb are not facing murder charges but are both accused of perjury and obstructing justice by misleading investigators.

Pike County massacre: Wagner grandmas head back to court - will charges be dropped against 1?

Fredericka Wagner testified before a Pike County grand jury in July, newly released court records show

Eldest Wagner son asks to be moved back into solitary confinement

The eldest of the Wagner sons, George IV, made his third appearance in a Pike County courtroom two days after his mother Angela sat in the same spot.

  Wagner mother in court for Rhoden family massacre

The judge ruled that it was premature to hear the motions Wednesday because discovery of evidence is not yet complete.

  Wagner son who fathered daughter with slain-Rhoden teen in court for Pike Co. murders

Edward “Jake” Wagner, 26, is one of four members of his family charged with murder in the brutal, execution-style slayings of members of the Rhoden family in April 2016.

  Family patriarch Billy Wagner appears in court for Pike County massacre charges

The Wagner family patriarch George “Billy” Wagner III is scheduled to appear in court for the third time since he was arrested for the brutal slaying of members of the Rhoden family.

  Purchase of bulletproof vests at center of charges against Wagner matriarch

The scene in the Pike County courtroom Thursday afternoon could only be described as contentious as attorneys discussed brand new information in the Pike County massacre case.

  Pike County grandmothers in court for roles in Rhoden family slayings

Fredericka Wagner and Rita Newcomb are scheduled to appear in court Thursday for charges in connection with the Rhoden family murders.

  Eldest Wagner son makes second court appearance in Pike Co. slayings

The eldest of the Wagner sons will make his second appearance in court Wednesday afternoon.

  Mother charged in Rhoden family murders to have no contact with family members

The matriarch of the four-person family accused of brutally executing a Pike County family in their homes appeared in court for the second time Monday afternoon.

  Change of venue motion filed in Rhoden slayings

The Rhodens were found in four separate trailers at two locations near Piketon on April 22, 2016.

  Wagner family patriarch pleads not guilty in Pike County massacre

This is the final arraignment for the Wagner family members, but the case is expected to take years to resolve

Another plea of ‘not guilty’ in the Rhoden family murders

There was another plead of “not guilty” Thursday in the Rhoden family murders.Angela Wagner, 48, is the third member of her immediate family to be arraigned on murder charges.

  Wagner mother pleads not guilty to all charges in Pike County massacre

Another member of the Wagner family has pleaded not guilty to all charges in the Pike County massacre.

  Wagner family matriarch asks for change in house arrest terms

Fredericka Wagner is the mother of George “Billy” Wagner III who along with his wife and two adult sons is accused of carrying out the killings of eight members of the Rhoden family.

  Wagner brother pleads not guilty for role in Rhoden family massacre

Another member of the Wagner Family will face a judge on Wednesday for his role in the Pike County massacre.

Arraignments scheduled for 4 charged in Pike County massacre

The Wagners all face eight charges of aggravated murder with the possibility of the death penalty

  Wagner family members arrested in execution-style murders of Pike Co., OH family

It is considered the state’s biggest and most complex homicide investigation.

Second grandma charged in Pike Co. murder cover-up out of jail

The second of two Pike County grandmothers charged with obstruction and perjury in the Rhoden family murders was released from the Pickaway County Jail Tuesday on $50,000 bond.

Wagner patriarch booked into Butler County jail for Rhoden family massacre

The patriarch of the Wagner family arrested for the brutal murder of the Rhoden family in April 2016 was booked into the Butler County Jail early Monday morning.

  Pike County massacre: Hearing canceled for Wagner son

A custody dispute involving his daughter with one of the victims is a factor in the case, according to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

Pike County suspect’s tattoo considered by some a white supremacist symbol

As George “Billy” Wagner III waived his right to an extradition hearing Wednesday afternoon, a tattoo on his left arm caught they eyes of some.

  Pike County grandmother charged in massacre cover-up freed on bond

Fredericka Wagner, 76, is the mother of George “Billy” Wagner III, who along with his wife and two adult sons is accused of carrying out the killings.

  Pike County massacre: Wagner family patriarch waives extradition

The prosecution of the suspects is expected to take years and be expensive

  Child custody battle was factor in Rhoden family massacre

Two-and-a-half years after the Rhoden family massacre in Pike County, six family members were arrested in connection to the crime that stemmed from a custody battle.

  TIMELINE: Rhoden family murder investigation

Six members of the Wagner family were arrested in connection to the case Nov. 13, 2018. Four were charged with aggravated murder.

  Pike County massacre: 2 properties searched, no arrests

Two properties were searched this week in connection with the Rhoden family massacre, one in Pike County and another in Scioto County, FOX19 NOW has learned.

  Man named as suspect in 2 deaths including Rhoden cousin shooting

A man who is considered a "prime suspect" in the disappearance and murder of a 77-year-old Adams County woman was at the scene of the fatal shooting of a Rhoden family member last month, Pike County Sheriff Charlie Reader revealed Monday.

  Pike County officials: Rhoden cousin was shot, unclear if foul play

More than two years after eight members of the Rhoden family were discovered shot to death in Pike County, another relative is dead.

State investigating death of Rhoden cousin in Pike County

A body found in the woods in Pike County Monday has been identified as a relative of the Rhoden family slain more than two years ago.

  Sunday marks 2 years since Pike County massacre

This weekend marks the two-year anniversary of the Pike County massacre.

State’s top court shields full autopsy reports in Pike Co massacre

The state's top court ruled 4-3 Thursday that the Pike County coroner does not have to release unredacted autopsy reports from the unsolved slayings of eight family members in 2016.

Pike County massacre trailers moved again after FOX19 NOW Investigation

For a second time since eight people were killed in Pike County in April 2016, the trailers where they all lived and were killed have been moved.

  Four people wanted for questioning in Pike County massacre seen in Alaska

hio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader today asked for help from the public in the ongoing investigation into the execution-style killings of eight members of the Rhoden family in Pike County.

  SWAT team executes raid for evidence related to Pike County massacre

A SWAT team searched for suspects related to the Rhoden Family Massacre Saturday morning in Pike County, according to a spokesman for Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

Attorney: Pike Co. massacre isn’t connected to NKY double homicide

A double homicide in northern Kentucky is not related to the shooting of eight family members in Pike County, according to Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders.

  VIDEO: Rhoden family members plea for tips in Pike Co., OH murders

Two of the Rhoden family members are pleading for information that could assist in the investigation into the murders of their loved ones.

Pike Co., OH sheriff to Rhoden family killers: ‘We are getting closer, we will find you'

Ahead of the one year anniversary of the largest homicide case in Ohio history, law enforcement are still trying to piece together what lead to the murder of eight members of the Rhoden family.

Relatives hope new posters lead to tips in Pike Co. family slayings

Relatives of eight people slain in southern Ohio last year are distributing posters with photos of the victims in hopes of turning up local tips about the unsolved case.

Court filing seeks fines against Pike Co. sheriff connected to Rhoden warehouse raid

Monday night's raid of the warehouse that holds the Rhoden crime scene evidence was supposed to have happened in November. Court filings show it never did.

Kendra Rhoden: I could have been the ninth victim in Pike Co. family massacre

A toothache and emergency babysitting gig might have kept Kendra Rhoden from becoming the ninth person killed in the Pike County massacre.

  Rhoden family ‘angry, hurt, confused’ amid Pike County investigation

In an exclusive interview with FOX19 NOW, the Rhoden family breaks their silence 6 months after Pike County Massacre.

  Ohio AG Office: ‘unable to identify’ all Pike County costs

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says his office is unable to identify all itemized expenditures/invoices related to the Pike County investigation.

  Attorney: Despite Pike County sheriff’s efforts, Rhoden evidence still in jeopardy

For the first time since the Hadsell Chemical Processing building became the Rhoden murder evidence warehouse, it's surrounded by "no trespassing" signs. There are also locks and chains where there haven't been locks and chains before.

  Pike Co. Massacre: Prosecutor says evidence ‘virtually useless’

Five months later, it's still a mystery as to who shot and killed eight members of the Rhoden family in Pike County.

Sheriff: More than one killer involved in Rhoden family murders

It's been more than three months since eight people were murdered in Pike County.

  Investigation into murdered Pike County family may never be solved

When the sun rose April 22, only a few people knew about the mystery that continues to haunt Pike County today. Only a few people knew that soon, the world would know about the eight people lying dead in their beds – all shot execution-style.

  Attorney ‘can’t rule out’ link between Pike Co. massacre and NKY double homicide

Kenton County's commonwealth attorney said investigators shouldn't rule out a connection between a double homicide in Elsmere and the mass shooting of eight family members in Pike County, Ohio.

After Ohio slayings of 8, police seek video recorded nearby

Authorities investigating the slayings of eight members of one family in southern Ohio are asking nearby residents and businesses to share any video they have that might be relevant to the case.

  Last victims of Pike County, OH murders laid to rest

Hundreds of people attended funeral services for the remaining six victims not yet buried following the April 22 murders of eight people in Pike County, Ohio.

  Pike Co. gun shop seeing customers buying guns in wake of killings

As the search for a killer in connection to eight murders in Pike County enters its seventh day, some residents around the area are looking for new ways to protect themselves.

  Incident report released in Pike County, OH family murders

The Pike County Sheriff's Office has released an incident report that sheds light on the moments immediately after officers arrived to the scene of the Pike County family murders.

  Investigators tight-lipped in family ‘cold-blooded massacre’

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on Wednesday visited the homes where eight people were shot and killed last week.