Escaped inmates have violent background

By Corey McConnell - bio | email

Three inmates who escaped from the Branchville Correctional facility in Indiana can now add escape to their wrap sheets.

Records reveal that Jerry Sargent, Christopher Marshall and Bobby Cockerell were in jail for much more than minor drug or robbery charges.

Christopher Marshall was serving fifty years for dealing cocaine, but the lengthy sentence isn't because of drugs. The White County, Ind. prosecutor says Marshall had prior convictions that included aggravated assault and kidnapping in Kansas, and burglary, kidnapping and assault in Missouri. His earliest possible release date was not until 2021.

Jerry Sargent, believed to be the most dangerous of the trio, is from Dry Ridge, Ky.

Grant County Sheriff Chuck Dills remembers him well.

"I was in second grade at Dry Ridge Elementary when Jerry Sargent, probably one of his first major crimes, burnt the Dry Ridge Elementary School down," said Dills.

Sargent was 21 years into a 50 year sentence for kidnapping and repeatedly raping a woman.

The youngest of the escapees, Bobby Cockerell, just started serving a 20 year sentence for burglary. The Harrison County, Ind. clerk says he stole a gun and thousands of dollars from a home in that county.