New scoreboard at GABP

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Beyond the regular sites and sounds at the ballpark on Opening Day, just wait until you see the new scoreboards

They're all high definition, and that's something you won't see at any other stadium in the country.

"Every ribbon board, the out of town board, we've lengthened the speed pitch board on the bleachers and the entire video baord witch is now four times the size it was," said Reds Chief Operating Officer Phil Castellini.

"They are all 16 mm HD technology, which is unique. Most people, stadiums do, a really high tech video board, and then downgrade the ribbons and out of town boards. And in the case here we've done all of it the same technology. And when you see it all synchronize at one time on game day, it's gonna blow your mind, it really is," he added.