The future of CVG

By Dan Wells - bio | email

HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - With Delta cutting more flights out of CVG and talks about a new airline hitting some turbulence, what's the real future of the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport?

FOX19 talked with the airport's new CEO, John Mok, to find out.

The airport is losing at least five direct destinations in September, a that's on top of the cancellation of international flights to Frankfurt, Germany and London.

It may seem and sound like a busy airport, but air traffic is down in a big way at CVG.

"They're getting to a point when local residents rightfully should ask, 'When is a hub something less than a hub?'," said Mok.

Mok says you have to start at the beginning to understand a very trying and frustrating situation.

"One recognizes when Delta had such a dominant presence here, I think at it peak caring 650 operations a day, that is sandbox other airlines didn't want to play in," said Mok.

Those operations are now at 215 a day.

Months ago, an new airline called Jet America said they would be offering $9 seats and were in talks with airports in Charleston, W.Va., Cincinnati and Pittsburgh to expand its low fare service.

But last Thursday, that airline announced a 30 day delay in it's launch before it will take off into the friendly skies.

So how does CVG adjust to a bumpy economy in a shaky business to begin with? Patience.

"Even when this general economy turns around the aviation industry will lag, because at the end of the day the ability of people to fly is based on people being employed and the turn around always lags 9 to 12 months," said Mok.

So even with snags on potential new business opportunities and a shrinking presence as a Delta hub, CVG's new head honcho talks tough and has eye on better days.

"We have a resident population of 2 million people that live in this region and they will continue to fly, and their presence will either attract Delta or any other carrier to come and do business here," said Mok.

Mok did not want to talk about any future airline deals in the works. He said that would be pre-mature.

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