Published: Feb. 3, 2003 at 11:53 PM EST|Updated: Feb. 6, 2003 at 6:17 PM EST
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Quirky Candice performs Tuesday, February 11 at 8pm.  Will she join fellow Buckeye Charles Grigsby?  Or suffer the same fate as Indiana's Patrick Fortson? 



Age: 22

From: Toledo, OH

Favorite Song:  “Love Is Old, Love Is New”

Idol:  I don’t idolize anybody.


Do you have a job?                
I am an employee of the Sunrise Diner. I am a waitress/manager.
Do you have any formal singing training?
No I do not. However, I've been in several choirs and productions, and have picked up certain things along the way, such as breathing technique and sight reading.
Where have you performed before?
The list goes on for miles. I was in my elementary school musicals and my preschool shows. I was in several shows with the Toledo Repertory Theatre when I was younger, including Apparitions, Bye, Bye Birdie, Peter Pan, A Christmas Carol.
When did you first start to sing?
I've always sung. Ever since I can remember.
What is your favorite song to sing?
There is no possible way I can answer this question. There are far too many that are my favorite songs to sing. "Piece of My Heart," "Me and Bobby McGee," Stormy Monday," etc…
What is the first concert you went to?
Peter, Paul and Mary. (They rocked the house, too!)
What is the last concert you went to?
The Train/Matchbox 20 concert. (But only because I won the tickets.)
What other talents do you have?
I am an actress, guitarist (self-taught and still learning), writer and dancer. (But I'm not claiming to be very good - just enough to get by.) I also am a painter, sculptor, clothing designer, jewelry maker. Okay, basically, anything involving art, I love.
If you don't make it on AMERICAN IDOL, what will you do?
I'm going to go to
Nashville and try to sell my demo of originals to whoever will take it.
What are your goals in life?
I want to be who God wants me to be. If it were up to me, I'd make my career in music, be a good mother and have a lot of charitable organizations.
What album would your friends be surprised you own?
The Culture Club. But I only have it because my ex-fiance left it at my house.
What is the first CD you ever bought?
Jethro Tull's Greatest Hits.
What is in your CD player right now?
"South Saturn Delta" by Jimi Hendrix, Norah Jones, R.E.M., my demo, "Unplugged in
New York" by Nirvana

Who is your AMERICAN IDOL?
I don't idolize anybody (except for the Almighty), but I can tell you that I especially admire these people: Etta James, Grace Slick, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, etc…
What is your favorite type of music?
It's a tie between classic rock, blues and jazz.
What is your favorite song?
Impossible, again. "Love is Old, Love is New," "Ball and Chain," "Stormy Monday," "Manic Depression," Killing Floor," "
Kashmir," etc...
Favorite male pop artist?
I don't really like pop, but I can respect and appreciate Michael Jackson.
Favorite female pop artist?
Again, pop (as we know it) is not my favorite, but as far as talent goes, Christina Aguilera has an amazing voice.
Favorite album?
It's hard to say. "
Abbey Road
," "Radio One," "Electric Ladyland," "Physical Graffiti," "Wish You Were Here."
Who in the music world do you think your style is most like?
I don't.
Most embarrassing moment?
There have been so many. Where to start?
This one time, I walked out of a bar in front of a guy I liked, slipped and flew up in the air only to land right on my ass.
If you couldn't sing, which talent would you most like to have?
What has been your proudest moment in life so far?
The birth of my son/The acceptance of Jesus Christ.
What is your definition of an AMERICAN IDOL?
I think there are tons of admirable people, people who overcome adversity on a daily basis and go for their dreams and strive to be the best they can be.
Why do you want to be an AMERICAN IDOL?
I have a plan. I want to make a lot of money so I can have organizations to help homeless people get jobs and help them become self-sufficient. I also want to inspire single mothers to go for it, no matter what.
Do you think the audition process was fair?
I don't think fairness can apply to any auditions. It's based on personal opinions.
Who is your favorite judge and why?
Paula Abdul. She's compassionate, and that makes me see that not all celebrities are self-absorbed.
Who is your least favorite judge and why?
I don't have a least favorite. Simon's cool because he tells it, but I think he's probably a nice guy in reality. And Randy seems pretty cool too.
What advice do you have for other hopefuls?
Keep on going.
What would people be surprised to learn about you?
People are always surprised by my age and my motherhood.
Who did you think was going to win last season?
I didn't really watch it. I worked too much.
If you could be a performer from any era, which would you choose and why?
I actually want to start something kind of new. A mixture of every kind of influence. But if I could go back in time to an era, definitely the jazz era.