Horses Rescued In Northern Kentucky Part 2

By Stefano DiPietrantonio

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - "We're the horse capital of the world but they're dying in the fields every day," said Shelly Price of the group, "Speak-Up For Horses."

It was a devastating find. Dozens of horses were starved and most of them pregnant. "Speak-Up For Horses" rescued them and is giving those horses another chance at life.

"Speak-Up For Horses" is now caring for some 48 animals that were headed for the slaughter house after being neglected by their owner.

"11 dead and the rest of them in April they were all just skin and bones," said Price of that horrific discovery in rural, northern Kentucky. "Yeah, it's pretty rampant in Kentucky right now, it's happening everywhere."

But 48 horses survived near starvation and an almost certain trip to the slaughter house.

"In this situation it was the breeder that thought they were gonna be able to make some money and ended-up with a lot of horses but couldn't make the money."

Their former owner now faces 19 counts of animal neglect.

FOX 19 asked, "Do you think she's remorseful for what's happened to the horses?"No," Price replied.

But now, new doors are opening, thanks to "Speak-Up For Horses" giving the majestic animals a voice and keeping them safe in a private location.

Nearly all of the mares were pregnant and only ten of their foals survived.

"You can walk through all of 'em, pet 'em and they follow you around, so they're very friendly," Price said. "Most of these horses had a previous life before they ended-up on the breeding farm."

The Judge Executive from Breckenridge County Judge Powers, it if wasn't for him, he intervened on behalf of these horses to stop them from going to slaughter," said Price.

"It's a huge investment," she said. "It's a huge responsibility."

The average horse eats about 20 pounds of hay a day. To feed the rescued bunch of horses, it costs about $150 a day, all paid for by donations until the horses can be placed with responsible owners.

There is screening process to adopt the beautiful beasts.

"They almost starved to death and they almost went to slaughter, so we're gonna be real careful where they go from here on out," Price said.

The group, "Speak-Up For Horses", will be putting the animals up for adoption soon.

They still need to raise about a thousand more dollars in donations, to help pay for additional medical and transportation care. But, once candidates pass a screening process, each, of the horses will get a good, new home.

If you'd like more information on "Speak-Up For Horses" you can log-onto their website:

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