Ten Favorite Movies Of 2009

Ron Millennor, Executive Sports Producer

My ten favorite movies of 2009 (in no particular order)

- "Me and Orson Welles"- The best movie about the theater that I've ever seen. This little gem is about the great, complex auteur Orson Welles' early Mercury Theater days. Christian McKay, as Welles, is dead-on both physically and vocally...his performance is certainly Oscar-worthy. And who knew Zach Efron could act?

- "Up in the Air"- George Clooney at his best. Great cast, great script and a great take on today's tough economic times.

- "The Hurt Locker"- This hair-raising dose of reality about the war in Iraq is the best war movie I've seen since "Platoon". Should win the Oscar for Best Picture.

- "Tyson"- This documentary packs quite a wallop as boxer Mike Tyson delivers some incredibly honest hay-makers to himself. I've begun to understand, and even sympathize, with Iron Mike after hearing the poignant, pathetic story in his own words.

- "Avatar"- Visually stunning. And I was surprised by how much I actually liked the story. It took him over a decade but James Cameron was able to top Titanic. Must been seen in Imax 3D.

- "Adventureland"- This tale of life at an 80's amusement park takes you on a fun, sweet ride. I enjoyed every minute of this movie.

- "500 Days of Summer"- The best, and most entertaining romantic comedy of the year. Zooey Deschanel is wonderful as the beautiful, quirky Summer. Also, the best closing line of any movie I saw in 2009.

- "Invictus"- director Clint Eastwood continues to get better with age. His story of how Nelson Mandela united a country through rugby is poignant and powerful. Major props to both Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon...both will probably receive Oscar nods.

-"The Hangover"- I felt like I was on a trip to Vegas with my buddies. A very funny movie..

"Crazy Heart"- Jeff Bridges puts aside vanity for the performance of his life. He will win the Oscar for Best Actor.

(Others that almost made it: "Funny People", "Brothers", "Play it Loud" and "Public Enemies"