SSG Don Chandler

This is my brother SSG Don Chandler of the 1st Plt A- Co 10th Eng Bn Unit 93219. This picture was taken a few weeks ago in Kuwait. He has been deployed in Kuwait for the last several months.

Our last contact was through emails and phones calls to his fiance and our parents Sunday night...he said he was being moved pray and that he loves us all. He is engaged to be married when he returns home, and has 4 children awaiting his safe return. This is Don's second action in Iraq as he was part of Operation Desert Storm. Don is stationed in Georgia, but grew up and will return to Silver Grove, Ky after he retires in 2008.

He is the oldest son of Don and Nancy Chandler of Silver Grove. My brother is the bravest, caring, patriotic person I know. He is committed to the people of America and His family to keep us and all people everywhere safe and free.

Deanna Muench
Hebron, Ky