Snowstorm winners and losers

By Regina Russo – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Who were the big winners and big losers after this week's snow storm?

Hardware stores like Ace Hardware in Hyde Park were winners.

"Right before and immediately after, snowstorms in hardware business is like a second Christmas," said Jon Doucleff, assistant manager at the store.

Shovels, ice melts and ice scrapers and sleds are all sold out.

Grocery stores are winners right before the bad weather hits with people stocking up. But the day of the storm they become losers.

Pizza places are winner and losers, as well, bad enough where people don't go out, but good enough for drivers to hit the street business is booming. If pizza delivery drivers can't get out the door, it's a losing situation.

Monday's relentless snowing wasn't a winning combination for the Cincinnati Museum Center, where holiday attendance was 300.

"(Tuesday) quite a different story usually today a school day, not a lot but we're seeing quite a bit on public visitation today," said Dave Duszynski, Vice President of Featured Experiences and Customer Services.

By mid afternoon, 600 people dug out to check out a new exhibit and Children's Museum.

There's one more winner of the snowstorm of 2010 and for some, a necessity.

" A little self medicating right? They need their booze," said Michelle Harris at Hyde Park Wine and Spirits.

Harris says liquor stores in the area saw an increase in business, just like they knew they would.

"Typically yea, Sunday much busier then Monday because everyone knew we had to get all of this snow," she said.

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