NKY doctor ends contract with insurance companies

By Corey McConnell – bio | email

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky primary care physician is fed up.  He's dropping his contracts with Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance carriers.

Doctor Michael Grogan says his gut tells him he's doing the right thing. He was treating Medicaid patients at a loss and Medicare and insurance payments were continuing to shrink.  He's decided to go to a cash only business.

"It's kind of like the hardware store when home depot moves in I can't compete unless I do something different," said Grogan.

Grogan mailed a letter to all of his patients explaining his plan and included a list of prices.  He came up with the prices based on what he was being reimbursed from insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare.

"Instead of a relationship between me and the insurance company or the government and my patient I can have a relationship between the patient and myself," said Grogan.

Patients like Clarence Bockleslaugh, who's been coming to Dr. Grogan for years says he'll keep coming.

"Six of one, half a dozen of the other, you end up paying part of it anyway," said Bockleslaugh. "What else can you do most doctors are having trouble getting paid and I don't blame him."

Grogan will provide the necessary forms for patients who want to use their insurance to be reimbursed.

His contracts with the insurance providers, Medicaid and Medicare end on Wednesday.

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