Review: S. Ind. airport has state's top crash rate

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) - An analysis of aviation crash data shows the Bloomington, Muncie and Fort Wayne airports with the highest rates of crashes per 100,000 flights in the last two decades.

But aviation experts tell The Journal Gazette of Fort Wayne that the numbers don't mean one airport is more dangerous than another.

Monroe County Airport in Bloomington has had 11 aircraft accidents since 1990, for a rate of 2.3 crashes per 100,000 flights. Muncie has a rate of 1.6 and Fort Wayne's rate is 1.2.

Richard Fanjoy of Purdue University's aviation technology program says Bloomington's rate may be skewed by its small number of flights.

The airport had just fewer than 500,000 takeoffs and landings, compared with more than 1 million at other airports studied.