Investigators turn to social networking to find Paige Johnson

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Investigators hope social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace will lead them to clues on the disappearance of Paige Johnson.

Johnson, 17, was last seen Sept. 23 in Covington. The last person to see her, Jacob Bumpass, is being held at the Kenton County Detention Center for a parole violation. He is not been charged in connection with Johnson's disappearance.

Kenton County prosecutors have issued search warrants for Facebook comments, specifically those involving Johnson and Bumpass.

An affidavit to obtain the warrants says police believe the accounts contain information that a criminal offense has occurred. Investigators want a record of every log-in since Sept. 1 and access to the messages in their inbox and sent folders.

"Investigators found Mr. Bumpass' limited statements to be untrue or unverifiable," Covington police Det. Gwen  Kelly wrote in the affidavit. "Mr. Bumpass was unwilling to provide an explanation of the whereabouts of Paige Johnson."

Phone records obtained from Bumpass and Johnson reveal ongoing communication between the pair prior to Sept. 23, but no contact after that date, according to the affidavit. Investigators had previously obtained search warrants for the mobile phones of Johnson's grandmother and Bumpass.

The search for Paige was centered on East Fork State Park in Clermont County based on a 'ping' from Bumpass' cell phone in the area about 4 a.m. the morning Paige was reported missing, but investigators did not find anything at the park.

Bumpass had posted numerous pictures of Johnson on his social networking sites. The pair appeared together in some of the photos.

Kelley wrote in the affidavit that people interviewed about the disappearance said Bumpass used social networking sites to post information about Johnson after her disappearance.

There are a series of messages regarding Johnson from Bumpass that were still accessible on Tuesday to anyone on Facebook.

Johnson also reached out to people on her Facebook account. At 12:12 a.m. Sept. 23 she posted a message to a friend. It read, "GIRL. I need To Talk To You IMMEDIATELY!"

It's unclear if the friend Johnson was trying to reach responded.

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