Jacob Bumpass to go before parole board

Jacob Bumpass
Jacob Bumpass

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Two months after Paige Johnson first went missing, the flyers put up about the Florence teen still dot the area. They're just weathered now.

"All the indications are that something bad has happened to Paige Johnson," says Kenton County commonwealth attorney Rob Sanders.

Sanders says the case may be far from a solution, but that doesn't mean his office or the police have given up.

In fact, Sanders says he still believes critical evidence will be found in Ohio, even after a failed search through the area around East Fork Lake.

"It could be at the lake, it could be any number of places. That cell tower is located near the park but it covers a great deal of space outside the park as well where cell phones would utilize that tower as well," says Sanders.

Meanwhile Jacob Bumpass will go before a Kenton County Parole board at 10:30 on Wednesday morning. He's been jailed since October on a parole violation due to a theft charge, and was the last person to see Paige.

He's not been named as suspect.

He could get out of jail soon. Law enforcement says he could be joining a substance abuse program.

Wednesday's hearing could set a timeline for that.

Meanwhile, Sanders is urging people to continue to contact police with credible leads. He says, don't use Facebook or other social network site to try out theories.

"We don't want people out doing their own investigation or pretending they are part of CSI or something like that because it generates a lot of misleading information, false information and sooner or later it can end up wasting detective's time," says Sanders.

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