Local teachers return to Columbus to rally against Senate bill 5

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

COLUMBUS, OH (FOX19) - Faces of frustration in regards to Senate bill five, as upwards of 8500 protest pack the statehouse lawn to face their lawmakers.

"I think it will change the face of education forever," said Hamilton 9th grade teacher Deloris Hudson.
Hamilton 9th grade teacher Hudson was one of many teachers who the bill would impact on a personal level.
"Rather than to be worried about what's going on with our union and the working conditions, those things could take away from my thoughts of planning and doing other things for my students," Hudson said.
Hudson made the trip from the tri-state along with other concerned teachers including Sycamore teacher Gretchen Washington, who worries about impact senate bill 5 could have on students and their class sizes.
"One of the things in this bill is that there is no limit to class sizes, I think that it's so important, and one of the things that we are allowed to collectively bargain are class sizes that would do the best to educate our students," Washington said.
As lawmakers listened to amendments made to senate bill 5 inside the capitol, outside, teachers were anxious to learn if those changes would make a difference.
"I amendments could be done to make some corrections, that would be fine, but at this point we would like to see it killed so they can start from scratch," Hudson said.
"This is so important that we defeat this bill and all aspects of this bill, we don't want to see it amended we want to see it defeated," Washington said.
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