Investigators look through new leads in Paige Johnson case

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19)--As the Paige Johnson case moves into a half year of police work, investigators say they're still combing through hundreds of leads on the missing 17-year-old.

"We're just searching out those sources and making sure we show due diligence and following up on all the leads that receive," says Spike Jones with the Covington Police Department.

Jones says one lead, a tip about phone records, could lead investigators to a second person who may have been with the teen the night she disappeared in September 2010. But, Jones say his department is cautious about the tip, and he won't say more about who this person might be.

"We're not calling anybody a second suspect or pointing a finger at anybody in that respect, but we are certainly going to follow up on the leads," says Jones. "We are by no means calling this case cold. I know there are a lot of us around here that--we hope to resolve it--and as soon as possible. It's become rather personal for a lot of folks."

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