Reaction to Senate passing concealed-carry bill

A bill allowing concealed guns to be carried into establishments where alcohol is served has been approved in the Ohio Senate.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the measure Tuesday by a 7-2 vote. The full Senate approved it late Wednesday with a 25 to 7 vote.

Under the legislation, those with the weapons would be prohibited from drinking any alcohol.

More states are allowing concealed carry than ever before, due in part some say, after a horrendous 1991 shooting in Killean, Texas, at Luby's Cafeteria, where a gunman killed 22 people then himself.

Customers at a shooting range in Sharonville say this new bill gives them a way to legally protect themselves, if ever faced with a similar situation.

The rapid-fire gun shots at the Target World shooting range, are the sounds of our Second Amendment, getting a shot in the arm.

"Right now, the political climate is very much in-favor of the Second Amendment," said Todd Heimann, Assistant Manager at Target World.

The concealed carry legislation got stalled before, but now it's back with a bang.

"It is a giant step forward," Heimann said. "It allows us to not have to alter our lifestyle in order to enjoy going out."

Heimann said he's happy with the way this new bill was written.

"We heard that when concealed carry was passed, that road rage would happen and there'd be shooting in the streets and so on and so forth, the reality is, that nowhere in the United States has that happened," Heimann said.

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People, who have the proper permits, can carry concealed guns into establishments where alcohol is served.

Heimann said it's already been successful in other states, like our immediate neighbors to the west.

"For example, myself, I live near the Indiana border and if I'm coming home from work, I'll go eat in Indiana because I know I don't have to worry about handling my gun one extra time during the day," Heimann said. "I can sit down, have a meal and not have to worry about it."

"I'm a US Veteran," said Kevin Kilch, who was just about to hit the shooting range. "So, I've been shooting for quite a while."

Kilch is working toward getting his concealed carry permit right now. He understands why people might be afraid of someone packing heat next to them in a restaurant.

"It's concealed carry," Kilch said. "So, you don't want it out in the open because that would be bad publicity, people would get nervous."

You also need plenty of training on a range like the one we visited in Sharonville.

Part of that involves wearing protective eye gear, which goes on first. Then, headphones to deaden the ear-splitting gunfire.

"In order to carry in Ohio," Heimann said. "You have to pass a 12-hour class, that includes two hours on a range of actual live fire and ten hours of classroom information."

And just to get a firearm in Ohio, you cannot have a felony conviction. There are also certain misdemeanors that can exclude you from owning a firearm.

Plus, you have to pass a background check through the FBI, be over the age of 21, and be a US citizen.

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