Cincinnati Riverfront Project gets $2 million in funding

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Sen. Sherrod Brown has announced over $2 million in funding for the Cincinnati Riverfront Project.

The funding will go toward bank stabilization and assist in flood control efforts along the Ohio River.

The funding is allocated in the Army Corps of Engineers FY2011 budget and will be used to bolster development of the Banks, Paul Brown Stadium, Great American Ball Park, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and a new multi-modal transit center.

"This park will not only connect Great American Ballpark and Paul Brown Stadium, it will create jobs and economic activity now and in the future," Brown said. "From the Parks Department to the Army Corps of Engineers to city, state, and federal funding, public and private partners have come together to make this park a reality. With more and more people moving downtown and into the Banks development, we have clear examples of how public/private partnerships that can spur economic development."

The Cincinnati Riverfront Project will be Cincinnati's new "front yard", complementing other riverfront development projects which total $2 billion.

This funding will help link the Central Riverfront attractions to Downtown Cincinnati and other riverfront parks.

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