Sewer problem may shut down popular NKY restaurant

LUDLOW, KY (FOX19) - An issue with the sewer system could mean big trouble for a popular Kenton County nightspot.

The Northern Kentucky Health Department received word last week that the Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club was no longer tied into the sewer system, meaning that their waste was being discharged into the river.

"The food permit states that they must be tied into some sort of waste disposal system," said Emily Gresham Wherle, spokeswoman for the Health Department, in an e-mail to FOX19.

A Health Department inspector visited the facility on Friday and confirmed that the restaurant is not connected to the sewer.

The owner was given until Friday, June 10 to correct the issue. If the problem is not fixed, the restaurant's food permit will be suspended and it will have to shut down.

The owner of the restaurant told Fox19 that he is planning to install holding tanks as a temporary solution to the problem. Long term, the goal is to tie in to the existing sewer system.

"The yacht club is tied into the city water system, so there is not an issue with drinking water or food safety, just discharge of waste," said Wherle.

According to an inspection from the Heath Department dated May of this year, the restaurant received a 99 out of a hundred with no indication of a septic issue.

Ted Tally with the department says they did not catch the problem because there was no visible indication of illegal dumping.

"If nothing is surfacing and they've gone through approval process and we don't see any issues it could have gone undetected, absolutely," Tally admitted.

Now that they are aware of the issue, however, they are teaming up with other agencies to make sure the problem is addressed.

It's still unclear how long it will take to fix the problem, or how much it will cost.

The owner of the establishment tells Fox19 that more than anyone; he wants to see the issue resolved. Some have questioned, however, how much pervious knowledge he had about the septic issue before it was brought to light by a former employee's complaint to the Sanitation District.

A Health Department spokesperson says they were informed the owner became aware of the issue back in the fall. According to a representative from the Sanitation District, however, the owner told one of their employees he had known about the issue for two years. Both the owner and his attorney declined comment on the matter.

A spokesperson from Sanitation District No. 1 says their records show up-to-date payments for sewage services dating back to 1996. He says it is difficult to tell when the line was broken or if it had ever been connected at all due to a transfer of the sewage utilities in the area in 1995 which left current management without readily available documentation of previous permits.

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