Travel magazine ranks CVG as nation's safest airport

HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - Travel + Leisure magazine has ranked the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport as the nation's safest airport.

Travel + Leisure analyzed the Federal Aviation Administration's latest Runway Safety Report and more recent statistics from the FAA, and created a formula to determine which of the 35 busiest commercial airports in the United States had the fewest and least severe runway incidents from 2006 to 2010.

CVG topped the list with a score of 0.26 and just four runway incidents since 2006. According to Travel + Leisure, in the last three years CVG has experienced just one runway incident of any kind, and it had no immediate safety implications.

To calculate the safety scores, Travel + Leisure started with the Runway Incident Rate - the total number of runway incidents divided by the total number of runway operations, then averaged the rate for the five years covered in the survey period.

They then looked at serious  runway incidents in which there was a strong or good possibility of a crash or human casualties. Values were to these incidents: 1 for "A" and 0.5 for "B." The Category A/B incident scores were added to the overall incident rate per year to achieve an overall score and ranking.

Memphis was ranked second safest, followed by Houston, Pittsburgh and Portland.

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