Northern Kentucky high school brings electronic book readers into the classroom

TAYLOR MILL, KY (FOX19) - At Scott High School, students are trading in their classical novel version of Shakespeare for a more 21st century application on the Nook.

The little black tablet sold at Barnes and Noble stores is changing the way students soak up their assignments.

AP English teacher Shannon Henson says the nook helps class discussions and more students speak up.

"It's improved the enthusiasm of my students about reading, a lot of them go home and are reading at night," says Henson.

Switching from books to nooks is helping junior Madison Williams comprehend what she's reading.

"If you're reading in the middle of a novel and a hard word comes up, all you have to do is go down to the bottom of the page and click search and just type in the word and it just comes right up," she says.

The Nook is even expanding the student's range of literature, and access to the rest of their education.

"They can have everything that they need right there in one place, whether it be their syllabus, their assignments, their books, their textbook, whatever," said Lisa Marshall, a librarian specialist at Scott High School.

16-year-old Ben Flesch says the Nook changes the way he learns but some students prefer the older method of reading.

"It's not limited to just books and it really just makes the books come alive because you can highlight and see the colors," he said.

Overall though, teachers say reaction has been positive. "You can't see the pages turn, it just slides from one thing to the next and they miss feeling that and having that so there are a couple students who have been negative but on the whole it's been a really positive response."

Each Nook costs about $249 and the school has 19 in total. School leaders are looking to find more Nooks for the future

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