Issue 2 supporters educate voters

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Opponents of Issue 2 say the law unfairly restricts collective bargaining rights of more than 350-thousand public employees.  Plus it would result in tens of thousands of Ohioans losing their jobs.

On the flip side, supporters of Issue 2 say the law empowers local governments to have more control over public employees. They say is also helps balance the budget without raising taxes.

Former Cincinnati councilman Jeff Berding says if governments want to be able to balance their budgets and keep their police officers and fire fighters they must be able to have more flexibility in union contract negotiations.  Berding says Issue 2 will allow governments to do that without raising taxes.

Berding admits a lot of money has been spent by both sides and supporters are trying to educate the public on the benefits of Issue 2 and dispel what he calls the myths being spread by the opposition.

The Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and a group called Ohio Businesses Vote are also supporting the measure.

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