Voters approve Cincinnati streetcar

Published: Nov. 8, 2011 at 10:21 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 9, 2011 at 5:39 AM EST
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After months of debate and controversy, Cincinnati voters have approved the streetcar project.

Supporters of the streetcar project have said the first phase of the project will create more than 300 construction jobs and 25 permanent jobs, and predict thousands of new residents in the city's urban core.

Opponents of the project argued that the three-mile round trip is too short and cost too much money.

Had voters rejected the streetcar project, it would have imposed an outright ban on any passenger rail project within Cincinnati city limits until Dec. 31, 2020. Due to its wording, the ban would have affect any source of funding regardless if it was federal, state, local or privately financed.

Mayor Mark Mallory celebrated with other street car supporters downtown at Arnold's and said it was a new beginning for the city and that the project will create jobs along with boosting economic development.

Meanwhile, street car supporters have also filed a complaint with the board of elections against the opposition called COAST claiming the group made false statements about the city spending general revenue funds on the project.

The total amount of the entire streetcar project is estimated at $95 million, and $2.5 million a year to operate.

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