Fitness Club Gives Senior Break

Three times a day, Patricia Nose gives herself breathing treatments. "If I don't do this stuff, I can't breath right."

The 70-year-old Cincinnati woman is not well. She's had cancer. A heart transplant. And now she's battling asthma. "And emphysema. Oh, God."

Bob Duebber is Pat's long-time companion. And last November he noticed that Bally's Total Fitness was with-drawing money from Pat's checking account.

"They' ve been taking $66.75 a month," he told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

Turns out that 17 months ago, Pat's daughter bought them both memberships using Pat's credit and name. Her daughter has since moved to Arkansas, and Pat hasn't stepped foot in Bally's for over a year.

"I thought she only signed for like three months." said Pat.

Bob wrote Bally's several letters explaining the situation. Even Pat's doctor wrote a note saying that Pat can not exercise. Bally's shaved $523.71 off the bill, but refused to erase the remaining $725 bucks.

So Bob called FOX 19.

"I wanted to see if Tom could maybe help her,"

Sussi called Bally's Public Relations Department. Told them the story. And, that day, Pat's balance was wiped clean.

"That's great," said Bob. "Isn't that wonderful," added Pat.

Pat's on a fixed income. Has lots of medical bills. And every penny counts. Thanks again to Bally's for doing the right thing.