Ohio lawmaker proposes paying college athletes

College athletes would get a stipend of up to $8,000 a year under a bill co-sponsored by State Rep. Alicia Reece, (D) Bond Hill.  The measure would also allow athletes to collect up to $4,000 from outside sources.

Reece, a former college athlete herself, says scholarships don't always cover expenses like gasoline and personal care products.

The proposal comes on the heels of the Ohio State football scandal and Reece says paying stipends would help keep college athletes out of trouble with the NCAA.

Reece also argues that college athletics is a big business.  She says "You've got TV rights, gym shoe rights, selling people's jersey's and a host of other things...paid to be in tournaments....all these things and unfortunately the athlete doesn't get a dime."

In our commitment to bringing you both sides of the story we talked to some UC students who don't like the idea of paying student athletes. Danielle Thompson says "I don't. They get free meals, free school, a free education that they sometimes don't even want really they just want to be able to play the sport that they're here to play so...NO!

Miah Call says "No I don't believe so. I think the scholarships they get for school might as well pay for itself."

Alex Zugelter says "No based on what I've learned in some of my classes I think if you paid the athletes it would decrease the competition among schools."

The measure was introduced Wednesday so it remains to be seen how much support it get in the legislature and among college athletic departments.

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