Graffiti clean-up may cause delays on Roebling Suspension Bridge

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - The Kentucky Department of Transportation will have crews working on the John Roebling Suspension Bridge until 3 p.m. Friday. Some traffic delays are possible.

Crews will be attempting to eliminate graffiti off the rock walls, walking platform and the steel frame of the bridge.

Crews will have to sandblast the rock walls to remove the painted graffiti. It will eliminate the paint from the steel beams and the walking platform by painting over it.

"It's so disrespectful and I'm so happy there's an effort to correct this and to also bring a new security level to the bridge," remarked Guy Lejeunesse, who was out walking Thursday afternoon.

In 2010 the DOT spent $16 million painting the bridge. Most of the graffiti damage is not visible while driving on the bridge but it's unavoidable while walking across it.

"I hadn't been across in about a year but it's such a beautiful day but I was disappointed at all the graffiti. There was a fair amount of graffiti," said Covington resident Becky Kennedy.

Police in Covington will be patrolling the bridge more in the upcoming days to try to catch the vandals.

"Criminal Mischief is a felony and they can be charged with a felony if they're caught. It's kind of an icon in the City of Covington for us so we want to keep it and preserve it," said Covington Assistant Chief Spike Jones.

A Class D Felony in Kentucky carries a sentence of one to five years in prison.

The majority of the bridge is maintained by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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