Woman who speaks for first time after 35 years grabs national attention

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The story of Jan Christian, the woman who regained her voice after 35 years, was first reported by FOX19 and later carried by numerous other Fox affiliates across the country. By Monday afternoon her doctor had received almost two dozen phone calls from people in similar circumstances.

Dr. Sid Khosla, a physician at University Hospital, said he never thought the response would be so overwhelming, "No. We hope, because we know that people with this type of problem are all around, but no, I didn't expect it," said Dr. Khosla.

He said all the calls were great. "A lot of people who were touched by Jan's story and had similar problems and were wondering if we could help them," he said.

Khosla talked with some of them and his assistant talked with others. "They had an operation or they had trauma to their larynx in a car accident or something like that and they haven't been able to speak like they wanted or they haven't been able to speak at all for years. Some people have had prior surgeries and haven't been able to talk since," he said.

Christian lost her voice in a car accident 35 years ago when she was 17 years old. She wasn't able to speak until she found Dr. Khosla by accident.

"I was shopping one day and a woman heard me try to talk and wrote down his name and told me to call him. She said he could help me. I have no idea what she looks like or who she is, but I'd love to know. She gave me a little miracle note," she said. Christian and her husband of 33 years, Randy, met with Khosla and they knew right away that he could help her. Seven operations later she was able to speak for the first time in her adult life.

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