Murder Victim's Family Looks For Answers

Murray Burnam, Gentria "Jenny" Thomas' brother, first heard of his 43 year old sister's death when her body was discovered last Tuesday near 3rd and Broadway in Downtown Cincinnati.  There have been no arrests in the case and Cincinnati Police aren't sharing details with the family or media.  Burnam's information comes from identifying the body.  Burnam tells FOX 19, "There are visible indications of bite marks and that leads me to believe that there could be possibly more assailants."  Jenny's family is well aware of her tendency toward substance abuse and possibly prostitution.  They say she kept returning to the streets no matter how many times they offered her a place to stay.  The former nurse's assistant was known to hang out in Over the Rhine in the Washington Street Park area.  There've been other women from that area killed in the last two years.  Nikia Mapps was found in January 2003 on Stark Street.  In October 2002 Chastity Bolotta, a known Clifton area prostitute and drug user, was found after being dumped in Northern Kentucky.  Anna Mae Lainhart was discovered in Hurst Alley in February 2002.  She was also a convicted prostitute.  Jenny Thomas' family believes the killer is someone that she knew and that she was possibly robbed.  Jenny will be buried Tuesday.  Her funeral was Monday night.  The family is offering a $5000 reward and there's a memorial account set up at local US Bank branches.  The Cincinnati Police Department is not yet releasing details about Thomas' death and they're not talking about any link between her death and the other three recent murders.