Lakota East teacher resigns over missing prom money

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A Lakota staff member tells FOX19 that a Lakota East High School teacher has resigned in connection with missing prom money.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office said an investigation was launched into the case and a suspect has been identified, but no charges have been filed.

A spokesperson for Lakota Local Schools released this statement Thursday to FOX19:

"Lakota administration has provided a report to the Butler County Sheriff's office indicating that $760 may be missing from the Lakota East High School Prom Fund. Lakota is reviewing this situation."

A report filed with the sheriff's department alleges the teacher was selling prom tickets from her classroom and not putting the money in the prom fund.

Lakota East's prom was held April 28 at the Savannah Center in West Chester Township.

Compared to the districts multi-million dollar budget shortfall, $760 dollars may seem insignificant. Some members of the Thunderhawks family, however, argue the allegations have come to represent much more than the associated dollar amount.

"That much money, it's a huge deficit," Junior Ashley Evans argued. "It may only be almost a thousand dollars of the $20,000 [prom fund], but it's a thousand dollars. It can be used towards many things so I just think it's really disrespectful that anybody could even have the idea to do something like that."

Ashley and her father Dave Evans agree it is difficult to watch the school's reputation be compromised by financial troubles that extend well beyond the latest alleged incident.

"Morale is a bit down in the sense that everyone knows that these [district] cutbacks are painful. There's a lot of close relationships and very good teachers that are facing difficult circumstances," Dave Evans shared. "It also puts pressure on the students because there are fewer teachers to work with."

"I feel that Lakota is sort of on its way going downhill and with all of these rumors and all of these events happening right now it just adds to the negative aspect of Lakota and we don't need any more of that," Ashley argued.

Ashley says she hopes officials are able to bring closure to the latest allegations so that students can focus on the positive aspects of the high school that remain despite financial uncertainties.

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