FOX New Show Descriptions

Published: May. 20, 2004 at 1:34 PM EDT|Updated: May. 23, 2006 at 4:37 PM EDT
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The new dramas launching in June 2004 are:

THE JURY (June 8): Each week, 12 ordinary people will piece together a puzzle and then make the most important decision of someone else’s life. Academy Award-winning director BARRY LEVINSON (“Rain Man,” “The Natural,” “Diner”), Emmy Award-winning writer TOM FONTANA (“Oz,” “Homicide: Life on the Street”), Peabody Award-winning writer JAMES YOSHIMURA (“Homicide: Life on the Street”) and JIM FINNERTY (“Oz”) team up on this intense new courtroom drama. Set inNew York City, the series brings the viewer into the jury room to watch the deliberators try to answer the many questions posed during a trial. As facts are exposed through flashbacks of testimony and crime footage, viewers will form their own opinions about the guilt or innocence of the defendant. Following each verdict, a final flashback will let viewers see the crime as it actually happened and reveal whether or not the jury made the right decision.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 20th Century Fox Television

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tom Fontana, James Yoshimura, Barry Levinson, Jim Finnerty

WRITERS: Tom Fontana, James Yoshimura

DIRECTOR: Barry Levinson

CAST: Billy Burke as John Ranguso, Shalom Harlow as Melissa Greenfield Anna Friel as Megan Delaney,Jeff Hephner, as Keenan O’Brien, Cote de Pablo as Maugerite Cisneros, Adam Busch as Steve Dixon, Barry Levinson as Judge Hawthorne, Patrice Oneal as Adam Walker

NORTH SHORE (June 14): NORTH SHORE is a lush drama that captures the passion, intrigue and heart of Hawaii. This 20-something ensemble series is set at the Grand Waimea, a luxury hotel, where JASON MATTHEWS (KRISTOFFER POLAHA, “America’s Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story”) is the popular general manager and his ex-girlfriend NICOLE (BROOKE BURNS, “Shallow Hal,” “Dog Eat Dog”) is the newly hired head of guest relations, having left her father’s hotel empire to make her own way in the business – and in life. Working side by side causes much tension between them, but their romantic relationship may be far from over. Surrounding them in paradise is the rest of the hotel staff, who have dramatic lives of their own. NORTH SHORE delves into relationships among the recurring characters, with the added intrigue of stories about the hotel’s affluent and powerful guests.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 20th Century Fox Television

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Kevin Falls, Peyton Reed, Chris Brancato & Bert Salke

WRITER: Peter Elkoff

DIRECTOR: Michael Dinner

CAST: Kristoffer Polaha as Jason, Brooke Burns as Nicole, James Remar as Vincent, Corey Sevier as Gabriel, Nikki Deloach as MJ, Jason Momoa as Frankie, Jay Kenneth Johnson as Christopher

*The two comedies that will premiere in June are:

QUINTUPLETS (June 16): The QUINTUPLETS were adorable when they were first born, but now their overtaxed parents – BOB (ANDY RICHTER, “Andy Richter Controls the Universe”) and CAROL (REBECCA CRESKOFF, “Greetings from Tucson”) – have their hands full with five 15-year-olds in the house. PENNY (APRIL MATSON, “American Dreams”) is awkward and unpopular at school, while her beautiful sister PAIGE (SARAH WRIGHT, “Enchanted”) has enough self-esteem for both of them. Their brother PARKER (JAKE McDORMAN, “Run of the House”) has the looks and gets the girls, and he’s embarrassed at every turn by the oddball PEARCE (JOHNNY LEWIS, “Undressed”) and the short, girl-crazy PATTON (RYAN PINKSTON, “Punk’d,” “Bad Santa”). MARK REISMAN (“Frasier”) has created an ensemble comedy about a family pushed to its limits and beyond.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: David Nevins, Mark Reisman

WRITER: Mark Reisman

DIRECTOR: Andy Cadiff

CAST: Andy Richter as Bob, Rebecca Creskoff as Carol, April Matson as Penny, Ryan Pinkston as Patton, Johnny Lewis as Pearce, Jake McDorman as Parker, Sarah Wright as Paige

METHOD & RED (June 16): Popular hip-hop stars METHOD MAN and REDMAN portray fictionalized versions of their real-life selves in this new comedy, in which the duo moves into New Jersey’s posh Nottingshire Estates to provide Meth’s feisty, old-school mother DOROTHEA     (ANNA MARIA HORSFORD, “Minority Report”) with the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Unfortunately, their un-hip neighbors don’t take kindly to Method & Red’s partying ways. With Dorothea keeping them in line, METHOD & RED change tactics – using spirit, kindness and even fruit cake to ingratiate themselves with their new neighbors in Nottingham Estates.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Regency Television and 20th Century Fox Television

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Kell Cahoon, Will Gluck, Method Man

WRITERS: Kell Cahoon, Will Gluck

DIRECTOR: Jeff Melman

CAST: Method Man as himself, Redman as himself, Anna Maria Horsford as Dorothea, Beth Littleford as Nancy, David Henrie as Skyler, Peter Jacobson as Bill, Lahmard Tate as Lil’ Bit

*Two alternative series will complete the June premieres:

THE CASINO (June 14): A new unscripted series created and executive-produced by reality titan MARK BURNETT (“The Apprentice,” “Survivor”), THE CASINO will provide an extraordinary 24/7, behind the-scenes look at the real-life dramas unfolding at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel and Casino as its new owners, TIM POSTER and TOM BREITLING, attempt to bring back the glory of the hotel’s “Rat Pack” heyday. Conceived by Burnett and production partner CONRAD RIGGS (“The Apprentice,” “Survivor”), THE CASINO will go beyond the challenges facing Poster and Breitling to explore the personal dramas unfolding among the guests and some of the 3,000 employees inside this high-stakes enterprise – from cocktail waitresses, to pit bosses, to security, management and entertainers.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Mark Burnett Productions


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Rob Lieberman, Trent Othick

CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Conrad Riggs, Jamie Bruce


THE SIMPLE LIFE 2: ROAD TRIP (June 16): THE SIMPLE LIFE 2 follows “celebutantes” and best friends PARIS HILTON and NICOLE RICHIE as they pack up their Louis Vuitton bags … again. Only this time, it’s for the ultimate cross-country road trip, a wild ride full of new jobs, host families and small towns all the way from Miami to Beverly Hills. Armed with a road map and their trendy dogs Tinkerbell and Honey Child – but no cell phones, cash or credit cards – these hilarious heiresses discover that life on the open road can sometimes drive you crazy. As the girls go from life in the fast lane to life in the carpool lane, the question still remains: can they survive THE SIMPLE LIFE 2: ROAD TRIP – and can America survive them?

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 20th Century Fox Television in association with Bunim-Murray Productions



CAST: Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Tinkerbell, Honey Child

*Another new alternative series will debut at the end of August:

THE COMPLEX: MALIBU: For couples with a flair for style, an eye for detail and the know-how to achieve the best in home improvement, FOX and FremantleMedia are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a fabulous interior design while simultaneously indulging their competitive instincts. THE COMPLEX: MALIBU will move real-life couples into a condominium building in Southern California’s toniest beach community and give them a budget to renovate their unit by a specified date. This unscripted series will capture the mounting excitement and drama as the couples push themselves to the limit while their deadline looms. Once the renovations are complete, the condos will be sold at public auction and the couple whose unit nets the biggest profit will receive a spectacular grand prize. The series has been airing as “The Block” in Australia, where it is that country’s most successful television series ever.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Kickoff Productions, Inc. in association with FremantleMedia North America, Inc.


*One new drama will premiere on FOX in November:

HOUSE: From Executive Producer PAUL ATTANASIO, the creator of “Homicide: Life on the Street”, along with KATIE JACOBS and DAVID SHORE, comes a new take on mystery, where the villain is a medical malady and the hero is a cantankerous doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients. DR. GREG HOUSE (HUGH LAURIE, “Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows”) is irreverent, controversial, devoid of bedside manner and wouldn’t even talk to his patients if he could get away with it, but he is brilliant diagnostician and only the most dire cases come his way. House and his hand-picked team of experts will do whatever it takes – legal or not – to make the diagnoses that will solve these medical mysteries and save lives.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Universal Television

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Paul Attanasio, Katie Jacobs, David Shore

WRITER: David Shore

DIRECTOR: Bryan Singer

CAST: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Greg House, Lisa Edelstein as Lisa Cuddy, Robert Sean Leonard as Wilson, Jennifer Morrison as Cameron, Omar Epps as Foreman, Jesse Spencer as Chase

*Three alternative series also will premiere in November:

THE BILLIONAIRE: BRANSON’S QUEST FOR THE BEST (working title): SIR RICHARD BRANSON, the colorful founder and Chairman of the Virgin Group of Companies, teams with award-winning Bunim-Murray Productions (“The Simple Life,” “Real World”) to lead a group of young entrepreneurs on an epic journey around the world, testing their mettle by having them relive some of his own colorful adventures. If they make decisions that impress Branson, they will continue. But each week, one candidate will be left behind on the tarmac as the rest of the group jets off to the next adventure.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Bunim-Murray Productions

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jonathan Murray, Kevin Lee, Richard Branson, Lori Levin-Hyams, Laura Fuest, Tod Dahlke

THE NEXT GREAT CHAMP (working title): Six-time World Champion OSCAR DE LA HOYA and television powerhouse Endemol USA have teamed to discover young, raw boxers with the potential to become a top prizefighter. The hopefuls will push themselves to the limit as they train and slug it out in hopes of achieving every fighter’s ultimate dream – a possible shot at a titleholder and a professional contract with De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions. This unscripted series will feature approximately one dozen up-and-coming fighters from across the country, all getting their shot to become THE NEXT GREAT CHAMP. They’ll be joined by someone from their real life – a friend, co-worker, family member or loved one. The personal relationship between the fighter and friend will add tension, drama and a rare opportunity for viewers to see pugilism through the eyes of a non-boxer.


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Paul Buccieri, Joe Livecchi

THE PARTNER (working title): A team of “book smart” Ivy League graduates will compete against a team of “street smart” lawyers from less prestigious schools until one of them wins a job in a major law firm. Each week, the dueling lawyers will serve as prosecutors or defenders in mock trials based on highly charged cases. A jury of lay people – selected by the contestants – will determine the winner of each trial. Then the losers go on trial – defending their performance before a celebrity “judge,” who will decide which individual will be thrown out of court. The last two lawyers standing will go head-to-head to argue a final blockbuster case. With every episode, viewers will be drawn into two dramas – the compelling legal drama of that week’s trial, and the suspense of who will ultimately become THE PARTNER.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Rocket Science Laboratories

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Chris Cowan and Jean Michel Michenaud

*January will see the premieres of three new drama series on FOX:

ATHENS (working title): JOSH SCHWARTZ, creator of “The O.C.,” turns his attention to the dramas that arise between characters who are experiencing life as young adults. This series will explore the intertwined lives and loves of the fictional New England community of Athens, home to a prestigious university that acts as a dividing line between the rich outsiders who study and teach there, and the local townies who serve that population. Viewers will enter this world through the friendship of JED HALL, a young English professor, and ETHAN FROST, an 18-year-old freshman whose arrival changes the dynamics for everyone in Athens. Like Ryan and Seth on “The O.C.,” Jed and Ethan will become unlikely partners in an alliance that will forever change them and the people of this town.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Warner Bros. Television in association with Wonderland Sound and Vision

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Josh Schwartz, Bob DeLaurentis, McG, Stephanie Savage

WRITER: Josh Schwartz

THE INSIDE (working title): At first glance, DANNY ROBERTS (RACHEL NICHOLS, “Dumb & Dumberer”) seems to be the quintessential American teenager, dating the quarterback at a suburban high school. Only a few know her secret: Danny is not really a high school student, but a 22-year-old federal agent working undercover. Helping Danny – who is actually Agent ELIZABETH WORTH – maintain her cover is Agent SEAN ECKHARDT (PETER FACINELLI, “Fastlane”). In the pilot episode, Danny/Elizabeth’s drug investigation is sidetracked when her high school “boyfriend” is murdered. She must confront the pressures of getting personally involved in the lives of her classmates, while working to solve the murder and put the drug investigation back on track – all without blowing her cover. Over the course of the series, Danny’s assignments will vary, but she always faces the unique challenges of going undercover to solve crimes.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Kathryn Bigelow, Todd A. Kessler, Brian Grazer, David Nevins, Ron Howard

WRITERS: Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler

DIRECTOR: Kathryn Bigelow

CAST: Rachel Nichols as Danny/Elizabeth, Peter Facinelli as Eckhardt, Willa Holland as Steffi

JONNY ZERO (working title): In this new drama from JOHN WELLS (“The West Wing,” “ER”), FRANKY G (“The Italian Job,” “Manito”) stars as JONNY, freshly released from prison for drug possession and now caught between his need to redeem himself in the eyes of his family,      and the temptations and influences of his own dark past. Jonny goes back to work for his former boss, shady club owner JOSEPH GARRET (RITCHIE COSTER, “Traffic: The Miniseries”) – but this time he uses his criminal knowledge and his entrée into New York’s club scene to solve crimes. Meanwhile, the FBI is trying to force him to go undercover and bust his old friends in the underworld.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Warner Bros. Television in association with John Wells Productions

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: John Wells, Llewellyn Wells, R. Scott Gemmill

WRITER: R. Scott Gemmill

DIRECTOR: Mimi Leder

CAST: Franky G as Jonny, GQ as Random, Brennan Hesser as Velvet, Ritchie Coster as Garret, Chris Bauer as Stringer

Tawny Cypress as Nina, Sean Moran as Vincent

RELATED BY FAMILY: This series from VICTOR FRESCO centers on several teen characters who work and hang out at the mall food court. There is 18-year-old, optimistic-but-not-ambitious LAZ (ZACHARY KNIGHTON, “The Prince and Me”); his 16-year-old angst-ridden and angry stepsister, MOLLY (SAIGE THOMPSON, “10-8: Officers on Duty”); Laz’s best friend FRED (CHARLIE FINN, “Super Troopers”); and Laz’s new girlfriend LILY (RACHELLE LEFEVRE, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”). Home base for Laz and Molly is a blended family formed by the marriage of Laz’s dad, RICK (MATTHEW GLAVE, “Corky Romano,” “The Wedding Singer”), and Molly’s mom, MICHELLE (AMY YASBECK, “The Mask”). Rick and Molly love all of their children, but they are particularly obsessed with the only product of their union together: the sweet, perfect and wise 8-year-old GUS (KURT DOSS).

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Paramount Television


DIRECTOR: Andy Ackerman

CAST: Zachary Knighton as Laz, Saige Thompson as Molly, Matthew Glave as Rick, Amy Yasbeck as Michelle, Kurt Doss as Gus, Charlie Finn as Fred, Rachelle Lefevre as Lily

KELSEY GRAMMER PRESENTS: THE SKETCH SHOW: Following its critically and commercially successful second year in the UK, THE SKETCH SHOW is coming to FOX, imported by KELSEY GRAMMER’s Grammnet Productions along with DAN PATTERSON (“Whose Line is it Anyway”) and the original producers of the award-winning UK series, Avalon Television Ltd. (“Jerry Springer – The Opera”). Reminiscent of “Laugh In,” the series features quick-fire puns, gags and fast-paced sketches, averaging a remarkable 30 vignettes per half-hour. RICHARD BODEN (“Blackadder,” “Time Gentlemen Please”), director of the first two seasons in the UK, returns to direct the American cast, who will be joined by original UK cast member LEE MACK (“Dick Whittington”). THE SKETCH SHOW will be shot both in London and Los Angeles.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Grammnet Productions and Avalon Television Ltd.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Kelsey Grammer, Steve Stark, Jon Thoday, Dan Patterson

WRITER: Dan Patterson

DIRECTOR: Richard Boden

CAST: Kelsey Grammer as himself, Kaitlin Olson, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Lee Mack, Paul F. Thompkins, Malcolm Barrett

AMERICAN DAD, from “Family Guy” creator SETH MacFARLANE, is the animated story of STAN SMITH (MacFARLANE), who works for the CIA and is constantly on the alert for terrorist activity. Stan will go to extremes to protect his beloved America from harm – as evidenced by the terror-alert color code on his fridge, and his frequent knee-jerk reaction of shooting holes in the toaster whenever the toast pops up. In addition to Stan’s wife and teenage children, the Smith household has two rather unconventional members. There’s ROGER (MacFARLANE), the sarcastic space alien Stan rescued from Area 51 who deeply resents the fact that he’s not allowed to leave the house, and KLAUS (DEE BRADLEY BAKER, “Stripperella,” “Johnny Bravo”), a lascivious, German-speaking goldfish – the result of a CIA experiment gone seriously wrong.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 20th Century Fox Television

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS/WRITERS: Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman

VOICE CAST: Seth MacFarlane as Stan, Roger; Wendy Schaal as Francine; Rachael MacFarlane as Hayley; Ricky Blitt as Steve; Dee Bradley Baker as Klaus

 *Another FOX comedy will return to the schedule in Summer 2005:

FAMILY GUY: Creator/Executive Producer SETH MacFARLANE serves up a fourth season of the animated comedy FAMILY GUY, fresh off the success of its top-selling DVDs. The subversive series presents the everyday trials and tribulations of family life, but with the distinctive twist and irreverent slant that only animation can provide. PETER GRIFFIN (MacFARLANE) is the father of this not-quite-so-average family of middle-class New Englanders.  LOIS (ALEX BORSTEIN) is Peter's loving wife, who struggles to maintain a modicum of normalcy in their home life.  Rounding out the Griffin household are their children: 16-year-old, angst-ridden MEG (MILA KUNIS); 13-year-old sweet-natured CHRIS (SETH GREEN); and 1-year-old STEWIE (MacFARLANE), a diabolically clever baby who’s already set on conquering the world.  And then there's BRIAN (MacFARLANE), the brainiest of the bunch, who also happens to be the family dog. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 20th Century Fox Television


VOICE CAST: Seth MacFarlane as Peter, Stewie, Brian; Alex Borstein as Lois; Seth Green as Chris; Mila Kunis as Meg