Sarah Jones speaks publicly about sex abuse charges

Sarah Jones tough questions
Sarah Jones, left, and her mother, Cheryl speak on Eric Deters' radio show
Sarah Jones, left, and her mother, Cheryl speak on Eric Deters' radio show
Cheryl Jones and Sarah Jones arrive at 1160 studios
Cheryl Jones and Sarah Jones arrive at 1160 studios

Former Ben-Gal Cheerleader and high school teacher Sarah Jones spoke publicly for the first time about the charges against her.

Joined by her mother, Cheryl Jones, who is also facing charges, Jones spoke with their attorney Eric Deters on his radio show on Real Talk 1160 on Tuesday morning. Deters devoted the entire show to the case.

Sarah Jones was indicted back in March on charges of having a sexual relationship with a student while she taught at Dixie Heights High School. The 27-year-old Jones is facing first degree sex abuse charges and a charge of unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited acts. Both charges are felonies and punishable by up to five years in prison.

Deters filed a motion to dismiss on Monday for the tampering with evidence charge against Cheryl Jones. The motion states that the facts that prosecutors are presenting are not true and that the detective who presented the case lied to the grand jury.

Cheryl Jones denied the charges on Tuesday morning. She retired as principal from Twenhofel Middle School after being put on administrative leave.

Deters also filed a motion to dismiss Tuesday for the charges against Sarah Jones, stating that prosecutors offered no proof of sexual abuse, based upon grand jury testimony.

"The Commonwealth does not have a single witness that there was any sex," the motion states. "There is not a single sealed text message that would reflect there was sex in any state, much less Kentucky. There is no confession. There is no admission. There is only speculative conjecture."

Both motions will be heard in court on July 30.

Jones briefly answered some questions from reporters following the radio show. She said she's trying to be patient through the ordeal, and make it through the day. She said the whole thing was started by high school girls.

"The biggest challenge of teaching high school is rumors," she said. "That's what this is. This whole thing has gotten completely out of control.

"At the end of the day, everyone will know the truth," she said.

When FOX19's Dave Culbreth asked if Jones had an improper relationship with a student, Deters said,  "Just so you know, I've already told her, I'm not stupid, the first question these news people are going to ask is that question and I can't blame them but you can't answer it."

"Why?" asked Culbreth.

"Because it's part of our trial strategy. We don't have to airmail what our strategy is and it would destroy that and that's why we can't answer that question," said Deters.

"But don't you think that if viewers are watching that's their question?" asked Culbreth.

"Absolutely," said Deters.

"And what they wanna know?" asked Culbreth.

"Absolutely. I will say this, as charged, she is not guilty of those charges," said Deters.

"What might she be guilty of?" asked Culbreth.

"I'm not gonna say anything about that because any time we answer a question relative to that you run the risk of there being an admission that can be used," said Deters.

"What's on the text messages then? Why did the police feel that there were......?"

"They're sealed. We can't talk about it," said Deters.

"Sarah, many people would say that a 26-year-old woman should not be exchanging text messages of any kind with a 17-year-old boy. What would be your answer to that?" asked Culbreth.

"Don't answer that question," said Deters to Jones.

"It's like serving time and she hasn't been convicted," said Deters about Jones having been on home incarceration for 17 weeks.

"Do you think that it has to do with the fact that there was an insistence in her continuing to be able to have contact with the alleged victim?" asked Culbreth.

"No. No," said Deters.

"In a sexual abuse case it would be unreasonable to have contact with the alleged victim and I never requested for that to happen," said Jones.

"What was your relationship with the alleged victim?" asked Culbreth.

"Don't answer that question," said Deters to Jones.

"Why not?" asked Culbreth.

"Because I don't want her to," said Deters.

Sarah and Cheryl Jones also spent some time Tuesday morning talking about their teaching backgrounds, how Sarah got to be a Ben-Gal, and the lawsuit she filed against the website,, which claimed that she had STDs from having sex with Bengals players.

On June 11, attorney Charles T. Lester Jr. filed a motion asking a judge to suppress all text messages between Sarah Jones and the alleged victim. An Oct. 10 trial date was set that day.

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