UC starts classes on semester system for first time in 49 years

UC starts classes on semester system for first time in 49 years

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Students at the University of Cincinnati begin classes on Monday under a semester system for the first time since the 1963-64 school year.

"It's a really exciting time," UC student body president Lane Hart said. "It's definitely a big change."

The changes have affected students and faculty alike.

"The faculty have seen it as an opportunity to do some things that they've wanted to do," UC Senior Associate Vice President of Enrollment Caroline Miller said. "There are certainly cases where we've gotten 'But I've done this my whole life this way, why make me change now?"

"There was a lot of work and a lot of planning that went into the transition with the curriculum," Associate Professor of Design Brigid O'Kane said. "We overhauled everything, everything."

O'Kane was happy when she learned the school would be making the switch.

"Yay," she recalled of her reaction with a laugh. "The rest of the schools we compete with were on semesters."

O'Kane says for design students who compete globally, the quarter system put them at a disadvantage.

"Before when we had students going off on co-ops sometimes they would have to leave school early," she said. "Now that we're on semesters we're in sync with all of the other companies as well so we won't have to do that."

"It lengthens the time we have with our employers, and we have more of a chance to get to know them, they have more of a chance to get to know us, and hopefully it leads to a job at the end of the line," UC finance co-op student Nick Hertlein said.

The University of Cincinnati was previously on a quarter system and didn't start the fall quarter until September.

UC officials say semesters will allow for more in-depth teaching and classroom projects, greater opportunities for collaborative research and will considerable open up study abroad opportunities. In addition, students will graduate earlier in the year, giving them a jump start on the job market.

UC is projecting a total enrollment of 42,000 students, including nearly 6,000 freshmen.

UC is also seeing increases in both its undergraduate (846, up 25.7 percent) and graduate (1,780, up 4 percent) international student enrollment, where UC is leading trends in international recruitment. UC International Admissions reports that the university expects to add more than 200 Chinese students this fall to an existing population of more than 700. At UC, China surpassed India last year in representing UC's largest international student population.

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