Janitor indicted for murder of Ft. Mitchell woman

Michelle Mockbee
Michelle Mockbee

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - A man who is accused of murdering a woman in Florence has been indicted.

David Dooley, 38, of Burlington, has been indicted for murder, kidnapping and tampering with evidence in the death of Michelle Mockbee, of Fort Mitchell, at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Florence on May 29.

Dooley was arraigned Sept. 28. His bond remains at $500,000.

"It's more the way we vetted people out instead of focusing in on him that we narrowed down to him...he stuck out, he stuck out in the end," said Tom Scheben, Boone County Public Information Officer.

Dooley was employed as a janitor at Fisher Scientific.

"He did something to destroy or mutilate or get rid of evidence," said Scheben.

"Michelle and David's wife were I guess you could call friends, they talked at work quite a bit so as to why this happened we have no idea," said Michelle's sister, Jennifer Schneider.

Mockbee worked in the human resources department at a business that has some 50,000 employees worldwide.

"I think I can speak on behalf of our entire family this is a very bittersweet moment for us, I mean we knew it was coming, we didn't know when, we're very glad he's behind bars," said Schneider.

"He [Michelle's husband] struggles to get by, I mean, Michelle was his world, his girls are his world, they were the best family and this could not have happened to a better family and it's just not fair, it's not fair," said Schneider.

"I can't imagine walking in their shoes and what they've been going through so anything, anything at all that we could do for them is huge," said Scheben.

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