Bootsy Collins featured in upcoming interactive music video game

Bootsy Collins featured in upcoming interactive music video game

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Move over Guitar Hero. Cincinnati's own Bootsy Collins is being featured in a interactive video game for new and experienced musicians.

The game, BandFuse, takes learning music to a whole new level.

The thing that sets BandFuse apart from earlier interactive musical games is that it uses real instruments which Bootsy Collins says may make a big difference to kids.

Kids are part of the visuals some of which were video taped Thursday at Sam Ash music in Springdale.

"It's about live instruments, putting instruments in the hands of kids and encouraging them to play. I think the more they see it with their own kind that's playing them I think the more they'll be excited about doing it themselves," said Collins.

FOX19 asked Collins why teaching kids music is important. "Because music, real music, live music is kind of like a dying breed because you have so many pre-sets, so many ways of getting into the computer...which there's nothing wrong with that, but at the same time it's knocking out the mom and pop store," he said.

Collins says he wants to see kids take up more traditional instruments and he's giving them a tempting way to do it. "Kids just need someone to show them that it's still cool. Put a little work in it, pick up an instrument and play something for real and that's what I encourage and it seems like the kids are getting into it," said Collins.

Bootsy expects at least 400,000 copies of BandFuse to be sold and he's hoping that will lead a lot of kids to become musicians.

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