Crossroads food donations mean a lot to the needy

Crossroads food donations mean a lot to the needy

Crossroads Church collected some 5,000 boxes of food during their recent Thanksgiving food drive. The boxes contain a Thanksgiving turkey and trimmings. That's enough for 50,000 meals and Sunday they shared it among 70 area churches including Lifeline Ministries.

Lifeline founder Chris Caddell says getting a load of food from Crossroads is a game changer. "For us to get these boxes...this has basically tripled our capacity to be able to serve needy families in the area to provide Thanksgiving dinner."

Caddell says the need for food is as great as he's ever seen it. "The amazing thing is to see families that are rolling up on foot that don't have a car....people that have taken the bus from Covington and taken four or five hours just to get here to get a food drive box."

Raynell Hudson is in a wheel chair and took the bus from Covington, but got a ride back home from a lifeline volunteer. Hudson says the box of food will make a big difference in her Thanksgiving. "A whole lot, a whole whole lot. I probably would just have chicken if it wasn't for this turkey."

The families arrived by the carload sometimes loaded with kids like 10 year-old Megan Heffernan who says she appreciates the food box.  "Actually it means an awful lot that they're doing their best to help us."

Latisha Griffin and her 5 year old daughter Keauna also arrived by bus. Griffin says she's grateful to Lifeline. "If it wasn't for lifeline I wouldn't have thanksgiving dinner. I'm having it rough, staying with friends and family."

Volunteer John Eldridge says the collaboration between lifeline and crossroads is making a difference in people's lives. "Its kind of crazy, but its hope in the form of turkey...they're not forgotten. You know, what that means for them to say its not just a meal on their table, but it really is their ability to say our family can come together around the table given because other people in the community have given.