Judge: No change in bond for suspect in Florence murder

David Dooley
David Dooley

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - A man accused of murdering a Fort Mitchell mother will not have a reduced bond, according to the judge in the case.

David Dooley is accused of murdering Michelle Mockbee at Thermo Fischer Scientific in Florence in May. Dooley was a janitor there and Mockbee worked in human resources.

His attorney asked a judge on Wednesday to reduce his $1 million dollar bond. The judge said he would consider the request and have a decision the next morning.

On Thursday, the judge ruled there will be no change to Dooley's bond.

Dooley's attorney, Eric Deters, said he has reviewed the Bill of Particulars from prosecutors and argues there is no probable cause.

"[There's] no evidence of how you kidnapped her, no evidence of how you murdered her, and we're going to charge you with tampering because we don't have all the evidence you used to do it," Deters alleged.

Deters believes the grand jury wrongfully indicted Dooley.

"When you have photographs of a horrific nature of a crime scene, well somebody's got to pay for that and I don't know why they feel compelled to blame David Dooley, but they don't have a case," Deters argued.

"As time goes on it reassures me more and more Dave is not guilty," Dooley's wife Janet said outside of the courthouse Wednesday.

A member of Mockbee's family tells FOX19 they want to see the bond remain as it is and if anything, they would prefer to see the amount raised rather than lowered.

The Mockbee family has decided not to respond to the pre-trial motions on camera, releasing this statement to FOX19 on Wednesday:

"Our family wants to keep the case in a court room and not have a trial by media. Our focus is and will remain, justice for Michelle."

"I think it's always smart in a murder case whether it's on the defense side not to speak publicly, or on the victim's side" Mike Allen said.

FOX19 legal analyst and former judge Mike Allen believes Deters makes a good case for a bond reduction.

"A Bill of Particular by its very name should be particular," he explained. "Prosecutors are supposed to say what there evidence is and what their case is. Frequently prosecutors don't do that. They're supposed to but they don't and that appears to be what the case is here."

Because of the severity of the charges, however, Allen doesn't believe the judge will side with the defense.

"My guess is at the end of the day the bond probably will not be reduced," he said. 

Dooley is charged with kidnapping, murder and tampering with evidence.

According to the Bill of Particulars, Mockbee died from blunt force injuries to the head. Her hands were restrained behind her back and there was a plastic bag over her head.

Dooley's next court date is set for December 20th.

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