Casino's opening night a success

Thousands of die-hard gamblers and curious locals poured into a new casino in downtown after a grand opening featuring a fireworks display set to Frank Sinatra and Alicia Keys.

Crowds cheered as the doors opened of Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati opened Monday night. It's the last of four to open in Ohio in less than a year.

"I want to be apart of it of the first day activities,get in this big crowd and enjoy the excitement of it all," said Brenda Woods, a Cincinnati resident.

It took about two years and $400 million to build the two-story casino on what used to be a run-down parking lot.

Visitors took full advantage of the casino's 2,000 slot machines, 87-gaming tables and World Series Poker Room all night long. The casino continued to buzz with activity into Tuesday morning.

Officials say the new attraction reached its maximum capacity of 10,000 visitors, twice.

"So this is a part of the progress that we continue to see in our city," said Mayor Mark Mallory. "From the Banks, to Fountain Square, to Over the Rhine, right here to the Horseshoe Casino. We are seeing excitement here in Cincinnati."

Casinos in Cleveland, Toledo and Columbus have brought in nearly $404 million combined. From that, about $133.2 million has gone to Ohio schools, counties and cities. Projected revenues are far lower now than when Ohio voters approved four casinos in 2009.