FOX19 EXCLUSIVE: 7th Cincinnati IRS worker named

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - FOX19 has confirmed a 7th IRS worker allegedly connected to the scandal, named Grant Herring.

Documents show he was an Exempt Organizations Specialist in 2012 for the IRS when he sent a letter to multiple Tea Party groups.

The San Angelo Tea Party is one of those groups.

The group applied for tax exempt status in 2010 and in September of that year received this 10-question document from Liz Hofacre who is one of the seven IRS workers FOX19 has identified.

"We weren't comfortable with some of the information they wanted so we just decided to withdraw the application," said Lyleann McClellan-Thee, a board member for the San Angelo, TX Tea Party.

The questionnaire asked the group to provide copies of pages found on Facebook.

McClellan-Thee says two years later in January 2012 their organization received a second, even more intrusive 21-question document from the IRS.

"It was kind of odd we got that second questionnaire because we thought we were done," said McClellan-Thee.

The second questionnaire was signed off by Grant Herring.

Herring's name appears on another questionnaire to Veterans and Patriots United in Pittsburgh.

That group originally applied for tax exempt status in 2011. Then in March 2013 the group was rejected, only then to receive a letter the following month approving the groups status.

"What I think caused a lot of the disruption and a lot of the frustration for the agents was the fact that new law came out or new situations came out, not being able to get immediate specific guidance was very difficult and literally guidance that came out could change two days later," said Bonnie Esrig, former Area 1 Manager in Exempt Organizations Determinations.

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