The scandal surrounding Hamilton County prosecutor Mike Allen has Democrats and Republicans meeting this week to plan for November's election. Will Allen remain the Republican party's candidate and can he win? First of all Charlie Luken announced today---he will not run for prosecutor as a write-in candidate for the Democratic party. The Democrats are looking at some other potential candidates they'll meet this week to pick one. Meanwhile the republican party will get together this week to make some decisions of their own.

The democratic party's only shot at the prosecutor's office---a write in candidate. It's a difficult way to win. Charlie Luken has tremendous name recognition, but he's decided not to run. The Democrats are now considering a handful of other potential candidates----including Cincinnati City councilman John Cranely. They'll meet this week to make a decision and submit a name by the September 13th deadline.


"A solid right in candidate with a good reputation has an excellent opportunity to defeat him," said Democratic Party Co-Chairman Tim Burke.

Meanwhile the GOP will meet this week too to consider it's options. Republicans could throw their support behind Allen whose name is the only one that can appear on Novembor's ballot. They could pressure Allen to step down and put up their own write-in candidate. But no matter what, the only person who can remove Allen's name from the ballot is Allen himself, so far he's given no indication he'll do that.

"Look, he's a skilled politician there's no doubt about that, he's got an awful lot of money in his campaign treasury," said Burke.

Meanwhile Rebecca Collins expanded on her accusations allen sexually harassed her in a weekend interview with the cincinnati enquirer.

She said during their 3 and a half year affair Allen often reminded her of his motto: 'Lie and deny.'" She said Allen "was literally begging me to have sex him," on the night their affair began. And she said allen helped his wife, Judge Lisa Allen, get a judgeship to make up for cheating on her. She says he told her, "just let me get her this job and then I won't feel so guilty about leaving her."

So as the scandal unfolds and the election approaches...what do voter's think?
Here's what a few had to say:

"If he was Joe ordinary citizen they would have fired take it from there."

"I believe he should resign."

"They say if you're gonna do the crime do the time."