Brown Co. Animal Shelter urgently seeks loving families for dogs

BROWN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - It was a busy Friday at the Brown County Animal Shelter, as dog lovers from the surrounding area and beyond found out about the 'urgent list'.

The shelter's General Manager Krista Kiskaden says it's a list of dogs that will be put down if no one adopts them.

"We're just over full.  It seems like for every dog that goes out, we're getting two or three more in," said Kiskaden.

As a result, she posted the urgent list on Facebook, and that list got the attention of Rebecca Richmond and her family.

"I just thought that, you know, a dog deserves a chance to find a family, and if, you know, if we could bring one into our family that would be one less that's likely to be put down," said Richmond.

Annette Novesl's family also adopted a dog. Novesl says euthanasia is an option that they just can't stomach.

"It's unfortunate that people allow dogs to come into this world and don't take the responsibility to give them a good home and a good life, and it's not fair to the dogs to not have an opportunity to have a family that loves them and a warm place to sleep," she said.

Anne Stoner from Lexington says it's criminal the way people abandon unwanted pets.

"It's awful. I feel like as a society we've failed. We failed the animals. We failed the dogs."

Dogs like 8-year-old Thread are a little harder to adopt because of their age, but are generally good-natured and with a little TLC, they make great pets.

Thanks to some last minute adoptions, no dogs were euthanized on Friday.

However, the Brown County Animal Shelter tells FOX19 as more dogs come in, those still at the shelter need good homes before it's too late.

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